The Telling Tale of the Muslim World (Editorial April 2014)


When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.
William Blake

These profound words by the most revered English poet William Blake exposit why Muslims across the globe are tangled in intricate web of miseries and wretchedness of fate. A cursory look at history provides numerous instances where the bigot followers of the Crusade went all out in their efforts to subjugate Muslims. This ages-old Islamophobia still grates their nerves; that’s why they pound every opportunity to pursue their nefarious designs against the Muslim world. Former US President George W. Bush, implicitly threatening Muslims right after the 9/11 attacks, had said, ‘This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.’

Rifts and schisms among Muslim nations are exacerbated and intensified, one way or the other, by the enemies of Islam. Detestable policy of ‘divide and rule’ professed by the British colonialists is still functioning in Muslim nations; may it be Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon or Kashmir, Iran and Iraq. The fanatics in the West and the US have always manoeuvred to make peace elusive for the Muslims.

But, being the only recognised Muslim nuclear state in the World’s Nuclear Club, Pakistan is a thorn in the hearts of these Crusaders and Zionists. This is the very reason why they hold Pakistan responsible for every mishap that hits any part of the world.

What an irony of the fate that the country which was destined to be a true Islamic welfare state is blamed for every wrong on the planet today. Peccadilloes, misjudgements and follies committed by our successive rulers have brought us to a point that the very word ‘Pakistan’ is associated with every negative connotation in the world thesaurus.

The most recent instance in this ‘blame Pakistan’ mantra is the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airline plane MH 370. This fateful incident provided our ‘frenemies’ with yet another opportunity to spit venom against Pakistan’ their ‘Frontline Ally’ in War on Terror.
When it comes to malign Pakistan, Americans are always at the forefront. Soon after the plane went missing, the American media launched a 24/7 diatribe against Pakistan, touching new heights of blatancy and brazenness. Before any investigation or probe into the reasons of the mishap, Fox News aired a report that said:
‘The missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 could have flown for an extra four hours after it lost contact with air traffic controllers and could had been hijacked and landed in Pakistan.’

Their recent tactics make it as clear as day that they will never allow the Muslims to rise. Unless we, the Muslims, become united to counter their offensive, they will keep on strangling us. Although Afghanistan drawdown is to be completed by the end of 2014, latest developments suggest that the US wants to prolong its presence in this part of the world to ensure that no Muslim country, may it be Pakistan or Iran, dare to challenge its might.

Notwithstanding the global conspiracies and cabals against Muslims, in general, and Pakistan in particular, there is a dire need that the leadership of Muslim countries leave their internal conflicts behind and unite to counter the West’s onslaught. This is the high time that our rulers make prudent decisions. Presenting the real image of Islam to the world is more than inevitable at present. Muslim leaders, scholars, academia, and public at large must come forward and show the world that we are not the terrorists rather we have sacrificed thousands of lives to make the world a better place to live in.

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