World’s Top 10 Stories

When the Titans Clash, The Bullish Surge, Adieu the Bravehearted, Paid in the Same Coin?, Call of the Conscience, The African Ogre , The Race Schism, Winning the Battle, Losing the War, The Gavel Strikes, Changing Winds,

1. When the Titans Clash

On July 17, a Malaysian airliner MH 17, a scheduled international passenger flight carrying 295 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in rebel-held east Ukraine. Ukraine’s government and pro-Russian insurgents traded blame for the disaster.

2. The Bullish Surge

On July 17, the KSE-100 index crossed the coveted 30,000 points mark — the highest ever in the bourse’s history. The KSE has produced return of 117pc in two years and six months, since the index first began its.

3. Adieu the Bravehearted!

On July 23, the single-engine plane of 17-year-old American-Pakistani pilot Haris Suleman, who was attempting a world record of travelling around the world in 30 days to raise money for the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan, crashed in the sea.

4. Paid in the Same Coin?

On Aug 05, a high ranked American military official, Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, was killed by a man dressed as an Afghan soldier. He is the highest-ranked American officer killed in combat in America’s post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. Call of the Conscience

On Aug 05, Britain’s Senior Foreign Office Minister and Minister for Faith and Communities Baroness Sayeeda shocked Prime Minister David Cameron by tendering her resignation from the cabinet in protest at “morally indefensible” UK government policy on Israel’s aggression on Gaza.

6. The African Ogre

On Aug 08, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that the West Africa’s Ebola epidemic, which has killed nearly 1,000 people in Liberia and Nigeria, constitutes an international health emergency and the virus could continue spreading for months.

7. The Race Schism

On August 09, Michael Brown, an African American, was shot dead by Darren Wilson, a police officer, in Ferguson, Missouri, USA. The shooting, termed unjust by the US as well as world media, sparked widespread riots in Ferguson.

8. Winning the Battle, Losing the War

The Israelis for the very first time in history admitted that Hamas has now hardened into a formidable foe. Using tunnels, mines, booby traps and snipers, Hamas fighters have inflicted record casualties on Israeli troops.

9. The Gavel Strikes

The judicial commission investigating the June 17 Model Town incident has held the government responsible for it and said police acted on government orders which led to the bloodshed. It also said the police were totally responsible for it.

10. Changing Winds

On August 27, Saudi and Iranian officials held rare talks when Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian met Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister. These were the first high-level bilateral talks between the countries since Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s


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