How much time does a user spend on social media?

Atif Sheikh

How much time does a user spend on social media?

Since there has been no seminal work in this regard in Pakistan, therefore, we have to rely on data made available from different sources to find out the duration as correct as possible.

  • According to a report titled as “Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview,” the state of affairs regarding use of six major social media (SM) platforms was: Facebook 15 minutes (hereinafter min) 02 seconds (hereinafter sec); WhatsApp 2 min 47 sec; YouTube 29 min 59 sec; Twitter 13 min 36 sec; Instagram 10 min 44 sec; and Wikipedia 4 min 34 sec. In total, a user spent 76 min 42 sec per visit on these websites. If we use this collective time of 76 min 42 sec per day as a criterion, we find that Pakistani users spent a day and a half per month, or in other words 19 days a year consecutively, on SM.
  • On average, a Pakistani user spends 76 min 42 sec day on SM, which comes out to be 536 min 54 sec a week, 2301 min a month and 27995 min 30 sec a year. And if we subtract 540 min, i.e. 9 hours, for sleep time, 8.5% of the remaining 900 min is spent on SM. In simpler words, we can say that an average user in Pakistan spends 8.5% of his daily active time on SM.
  • A, SM user from Pakistan spends an average of 1 hour (hereinafter hr(s)) 16 min 42 sec on using SM which means 466 hrs, 35 min and 30 sec a year. If we take the Life expectancy of 67 years (586920hrs) as reported by World Bank, a Pakistani spends 31261 hrs, 38 min and 30 sec on SM. Since there are 24 hrs in a day, or 8760 hrs in a year, a Pakistani users spends around three and a half years of his life using SM.
  • If we consider ages between 13 and 60 years as the active period of life, we find that a Pakistani SM user spends 22396 hrs 24 min of his 420480 hrs of active life on SM platforms.
  • If we subtract 157680 hrs of sleep from 420480 hrs of active life of people aged between 13 and 60 years, we find that a Pakistani SM user spends 22396 hrs 24 min of the remaining 262800 hrs of his active life on SM platforms.

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