Influence of Three Waves of Feminism in Pakistan


Influence of

Three Waves of Feminism

in Pakistan

The history of feminists’ struggle to end discrimination, oppression and marginalisation against women is divided into three waves. They are known as first, second, and third wave of feminism. These waves, although started in Europe, had global impact on the status of women, including those in Pakistan.

The first wave of feminism officially started with the Seneca Falls Convention, 1848. It continued till 1920 after women of New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States gained voting rights. Between the first and the second wave of feminism, which started in 1960s, Pakistan got independence.

Pakistani women were granted the suffrage in 1947, with the provision of reserved seats in parliament existing throughout the constitutional history of Pakistan from 1956 onwards.

Being a woman of a newly-born country, a Pakistani woman had to do way more to establish her worth and gain some status quo in society.

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