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It is absolutely true that reforms in CSS are the most pressing need of the time. But FPSC should make it clear as to what kind of changes are in the offing. The ambiguity created by the media reports about the proposed reforms has perplexed the aspirants. They are feeling insecure. I would request the new chairman FPSC to kindly realize that passing this exam is a dream to many students belonging to different social classes. Many among them are those whose parents have sold their belongings for the education of their children and for them getting through CSS is almost a matter of life and death.

Shoukat Ali Khera (Multan)


It is a proven reality that teachers play a highly significant role in defining and building a society as well as a nation. Without teachers, a country, a nation, a society or an individual cannot move towards advancement. Similarly, the main aim of a teacher is to foster and nurture the potentials and capabilities of the students.
It won’t be off the mark to say that a teacher is a guide who leads generations. Parents give us lives but teachers tell us how to make it majestic.
In the end, I would say that teachers must be accorded high respect and veneration by the society.

Naseem Brahim (Turbat)


Why has our nation got into these terminologies? Is there a sigh of relief in this country for a common man? Or is he destined to be tangled with such worries as petrol crisis, clean water scarcity, load-shedding (of both electricity and gas); let alone the inaccessibility to food, health, hygiene and education facilities to the necessitous ones?
Then why do we argue our nation behaves like a bear with a sore head? The question is has our leadership mended its ways? We are constantly being pushed back to the cave age. The crisis after crisis resulted in confusion worse confounded. Frustration demands catharsis; aggression, unrest and heebie-jeebies shown by the masses being the best definition of this abreaction. The ne plus ultra of problems and crises causes the public go frantic and psycho. The petulant citizens resort to avenge robbery or loot they faced because they have lost faith in country’s justice system. Needless to say, the preeminent duty of the administration is to purvey fundamentals of life and peace of mind to the citizenry.

Aliza Fatima (Rahim Yar Khan)


It is a great time for Pakistanis to tell the world that we are a drone-facilitated country and that we can now defend ourselves without American help. After becoming an atomic power, now we have drones too and it shows a great development with regard to defence technology. But Pakistan could develop more if the politicians were serious about education in the country. As usual Pakistan has been spending nearly half of its GDP on defence and far less on health and educational sectors. This is why Pakistan has not launched even a single space observatory of its own and is one in the only two polio-infected countries in the world.

Chakar Baloch (Turbat)


Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is believed to be an autonomous body working on recruitments for different posts in various federal departments and offices. No doubt, FPSC plays a pivotal role in selecting best candidates, as we have an example of CSS-based selection criteria. But sometimes, the candidates appearing in various tests feel insecure because of apprehension of political meddling in the recruitment process. I personally believe in merit-based recruitments but the problem is of identification. My basic aim to discuss this matter is that recruitments should be made free of delays. I, like many other people, firmly believe that only a fixed time should be consumed in the whole process. So, it is my humble request to all the recruitment authorities that please do not make unnecessary delays and make the process less time-consuming and fair.

Waheed Ali Chandio (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)


It’s a matter of shame that even after many years of independence, our roads and streets are still infested with beggars. They are present at bus stops, railway stations, markets and religious places. One cannot escape their incessant pleadings for alms. Having beggars around you is not less than a nuisance. Sometimes these beggars embarrass you so much that you have to part with some coins even against your will. If these beggars happen to spot some foreigners, they would not leave them until they get alms from them. What impression of our country these foreigners will take.
Some of the beggars appear to be quite healthy and stout. It. seems they have found begging to the most convenient method of earning money. I feel that Government must ban begging and haul the beggars. The healthy beggars should be forced to work so that they are made to earn their livelihood. If the menace of beggary is not checked immediately, it will turn out to be a big social evil in times to come. Public cooperation is solicited to curb this evil from our society.

Zainab Zareen (Karachi)

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