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Harmony in  Balochistan

Saboteurs in Balochistan are now crossing the red line as their gamut of activities has now turned into a new pattern which is being done purposely for resurrecting the animosity among Pashtoon and Baloch peoples. But notwithstanding the divisive forces, people in Balochistan are at one page for every valid cause and this concatenation of people in Balochistan has put the stooges of RAW into a bad mood. For making this partnership sempiternal; the federal government should handle both ethnicities alike and those trying to split Balochistan from Pakistan must be reined in.
Sohail Omzhawal

Hanging Terrorism

When the year 2014 was reaching its culmination, a tragic incident happened at Peshawar’s Army Public School where more than 140 persons, including innocent children, were butchered. The carnage led the government to hang the terrorists in jails and a number of terrorists have since been hanged. But, terrorism in Pakistan could not be hanged yet. As firing in Quetta, killing of Hazara Shias, attacks on police, killing of political administrators and bomb blasts in streets are still seen every now and then. The government, hence, must apply new tactics and policies to eradicate terrorism form Pakistan.
Chaker Baloch


Ramadan, the month of blessings, gratitude and felicitations, comes every year with a lot of serenity and joys. For Muslims, it is the supreme gift that Almighty Allah has bestowed on them. This 9th month of the Islamic calendar is mostly perceived as a guest and it is our tradition that guests are often served. But specialty of this guest is that it serves us rather than getting served. Besides, it bestows countless blessings, copious prayers and happiness on Muslims.

I wish all JWT readers a very HAPPY RAMADAN.
Basit Channar

Setting the Direction Right
There is no denying the fact that in today’s global village, the current situation, whether it is about everyday life or politics, comes to us through news channels. We just turn any channel on and know the important issues of the world in only some moments. No doubt different channels present news in their own distinctive style. But, the situation of Pakistani news channels and talk shows is deteriorating with every passing day, especially when we talk about political talk shows. Politicians are more interested in self-praising, and leg-pulling of other politicians. Seemingly, they try to prove the psychological fact that repetition of some sentences has a significant effect on human minds. They tend to think positively about repeated words.

But being a student of psychology, I refute this notion, at least for politicians, because common people are now aware of the difference between a mere lip service and a real, cardinal service. I want politicians to give their best services in their respective constituencies so that people can judge the prosperity bestowed upon them by politicians. I demand news channels to present a decent style especially in political shows. Media should shun the rotten style of talk shows and should present something common in original style so that it may be beneficial for the commom people.

Saba Sarwar
Mundeki Barian, District Sialkot

Nepotism Devours Meritocracy
Approximately, five thousand candidates appeared in a written part of departmental test for the post of Senior Assistant in the Election Commission of Sindh held on 8th February 2015. I was fortunate to be among the only 50 candidates who were called for interview. During my interview, I was asked some questions pertaining to general knowledge and practical life. I answered all those questions in English and with high confidence. Interviewers were also fully satisfied with my academic knowledge as well as other required skills. Unfortunately, nepotism again came into play and the concerned authorities did not appoint any of those 50 candidates.

In a nutshell, the administrative system of Sindh has failed due to involvement of political influence. Besides, selfish leaders and their henchmen are not only corrupt, mean and deceitful but they also have looted the county with both hands.

I appeal to the masses to caste vote in favour of those honest and patriotic candidates in the next general election who conduct all affairs without any sort of nepotism or cronyism.
Siraj Hussain

Students’ Disappointment at FPSC
Federal Public Service Commission is one of the most reputed institutions in the country. It conducts multiple tests for recruitment to different government departments. Very recently, it conducted a test for recruitment of Assistant Director BPS-17. There were many students in the centre at G10/3 Model School for Boys. Among them, there were nearly 10 students who had lost their original treasury slips. They went to the in-charge officer and even showed their exam slips and verified copies of treasury slips issued by the NBP. But he refused to accept their authentic evidence. Students were enraged and they tore papers and violated examination rules but with a complete disregard to other candidates.

It is my humble appeal to the higher authorities that please establish an alternative if someone gets misplaced his original treasury slip.

Tousif Ali Shah
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

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