Plato’s Cave Two important lessons for our society


Plato’s Cave Two important lessons for our society

Mawra Raja

Plato’s cave is typically familiar to three types of people: those with keen interest in philosophy, multi-discipline self-readers and readers of political philosophy. The story is typically but rightly pigeonholed as an allegory because it is fictitious and a thought-provoking experiment for those who wish to minimize the harms of their mind and body to others. But it is many a time unjustifiably sidelined as a story better suited to dust-buried books because its practical message is not immediately comprehended by unreflective readers. And in this way, in an age of instant understanding productivity, valuable thoughts get marginalized because they fail to resonate with the expeditious spectacles of readers. However, they alone are not to be blamed for this obscurity because even those with the responsibility to explain this are frequently unclear about its true lessons. The net effect of this dual damage is disinterest and discomfort with the idea as beautiful and valuable as Plato’s cave.

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