Reviving the UN spirit

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Reviving the UN spirit

It is a world of profound transition. It is also a world where we see renewal of east and west tensions, renewal of geopolitical tensions. They are at a peak after decades. Many times countries are obliged to make a choice. When talking of geopolitical tensions, we are also looking at tech wars between numerous countries. Technology has become the new arena between big powers. Then there is also the emergence of anti-globalization forces, the erosion of the European project. There are questions about what EU’s future is going to be and what is the diplomatic way? When the Security Council meets to discuss its primary responsibility—is maintaining international peace—we see that it is often paralysed. Because the Security Council remains deadlocked and paralysed on core issues, long-standing issues such as Kashmir and Palestine are left in a state of inconclusiveness. Whether it is Lebanon, which does get discussed or whether it is Libya or Syria, or even tensions on the Korean Peninsula, they may be discussed but we don’t see a conclusion or solutions because of the disagreements among the Security Council members.

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