The Wakhan Corridor Pakistan’s Hidden Gem

The Wakhan Corridor

Pakistan’s Hidden Gem

Wasif Farrukh

The narrow strip of territory in northeastern Afghanistan that extends to China and separates Tajikistan from Pakistan is known as the Wakhan Corridor. This strip is about 350km (220 mi) long and 13-65 km (8.1-40.4 mi) wide. The Wakhan Corridor was part of the ancient Silk Road — the oldest transit route from China to Central Asia. Pakistan desires to reach out to Central Asia for trade and energy cooperation in order to solve its power crisis which is crucial to the economic development of the country. Since the need of trade and communication from both Pakistan and Tajikistan increased, building a road across Wakhan corridor to connect Pakistan with Tajikistan seems a forward-looking proposal.

The Wakhan Corridor is a region which if properly developed and administered by mutual cooperation between its players can work wonders for Pakistan as a transit economy, generating multitude of jobs, bringing in foreign revenue and, most importantly, improving the infrastructure development in the specified regions.

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