World’s Top 10 Stories

Worlds Top 10 Stories

The Voters’ Signal to Erdogan

June 07: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its absolute parliamentary majority in legislative elections. The AKP won the biggest share of the vote in the elections, but well down on the almost 50 per cent it recorded in the previous 2011 polls.

A Mere Bravado

June 07: Admitting that there had been a conspiracy to divide Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the establishment of Bangladesh was a desire of every Indian and that’s why India’s forces fought along with the Mukti Bahini, thus creating a new country.

A Thundering Success

June 15: Pakistan was successful in securing its first ever export order, from an Asian country, for its JF-17 Thunder fighter at the first day of the International Paris Air Show. JF-17 is Pakistan’s first homemade jet, which has been designed with the help of China.

Upping the Ante

June 11: Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, claimed to have estimated more than Rs230 billion being generated annually from Karachiites through extortion, smuggling of Iranian diesel, water supply and land grabbing, mainly patronised by “a major political party”, and that part of that huge amount was also being used for “terror-funding”.

Another Pride for Pakistan

June 22: Brave and courageous polio-affected Salman Ahmad from Pakistan received “The Queen’s Young Leaders” award for 2015. His achievements were recognized when he collected his award from Her Majesty The Queen at a ceremony held at the Buckingham Palace.

Israel in the Dock

June 22: Highly anticipated UN Gaza Report concluded that both Israel and “Palestinian armed groups,” including Hamas, violated international law and may have committed war crimes during 50-day war in Gaza in 2014 that claimed more than 2,100 Palestinian and 73 Israeli lives.

Playing Russian Roulette?

June 23: US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced to send dozens of tanks, Bradley armoured fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzers in the Baltics and Eastern Europe in response to Russian actions in the Ukraine. The equipment will be positioned in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

Heat that Beats

June 24: The death toll from a harsh heatwave in Sindh province crossed 800 in only four days. The Edhi Welfare Organization told news agencies that their morgues had received hundreds of corpses and were now full. Army was deploying to help set up heat stroke centres.

Not now, India!

June 24: China blocked India’s resolution at the UN Sanctions Committee which demanded action against Pakistan over the release of alleged 26/11 mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi. The Committee was to seek a clarification from Pakistan on Lakhvi’s release; however, China blocked the move on grounds that India did not provide sufficient information.

Restating the Red Lines

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that international inspections of Iran’s military sites are out of question. Khamenei, who will have the last word for Iran in its talks with the West, stepped in hours after Iran’s parliament passed a bill on the country’s nuclear programme.

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