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Education in Pakistan

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Education in Pakistan

Analysing the Public-Private Dichotomy

Qurat ul Ain Aman

The education system in Pakistan has been reduced to a shambles because of neglect by the successive government. Running private schools has, nowadays, become a lucrative venture as government’s failures have resulted in commercialization of education. It seems that the goal of educating the masses and aiming for a literate population has been left entirely to the good sense of the private sector. However, the educational standards of these institutions are also not satisfactory. The standard of education in private schools will never improve unless there is competition from the public schools.

Education is the most important weapon that can be used to change the world. It is important not only for political but also for economic and social development of a country, and Pakistan is no exception. A number of policies have been formulated by the successive governments to reform the education system of our country, yet the situation is still far from satisfactory. Despite the fact that Pakistan has made great headways in various sectors, the one of education is still a neglected domain. One of the major reasons behind this bleak situation of education system is the absence of quality education in government schools.

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