China- Russia-Pakistan Strategic Alliance.


China- Russia-Pakistan Strategic Alliance.

China and Russia—the former a rising power and the latter a great power that is currently striving to regain its lost glory—are, nowadays, at the center stage of geopolitics in Asia. Russia has traditionally been the most trusted ally of China’s neighbour and main antagonist, India. On the other hand, India is the biggest enemy of Pakistan too. It has fought wars with both China and Pakistan and has, even today, very tense relations with them. In this backdrop, India’s unprecedented tilt towards the United States of America—observed during the last few years—has rung alarm bells in all these three countries. Both countries have become strategic partners and have also signed deals for the supply of American weapons and missile technology to India. This state of affairs provides a significant variable to Pakistan, China and Russia to dramatically change the dimensions of their strategic relationship. It is in this backdrop that a China-Pakistan-Russia triangle is fast emerging as a bulwark against growing US presence in Asia and its protégée India.

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