Future of Uncontrollable Population in Pakistan


Future of Uncontrollable Population in Pakistan

Maryam Ibrahim

One of the most dangerous, yet less discussed, problems in Pakistan is overpopulation. From the provision of essential nutritious food to eat, and clean pure water to drink, to the providence of proper healthcare facilities and education and then from tackling unemployment to the urgency of raising the general standards of living, the failure to control population growth has far-reaching, devastating effects. The constantly increasing population is a burden not only on the land but also on the climate. Exacerbating all types of pollution and destroying all forms of the natural habitats, it is actually like setting on fire all the available resources. Bernard Sanders, a popular American politician, currently vowed to support ‘educating everyone on the need to curbing population growth’ as response to climate change. If the climate attains 180 degree of change, it will obviously be the end of living on planet Earth. Unfortunately, due to lack of foresight and long-term implementation of population-control policies by successive governments, along with social stigma and resistance from the wrong religious beliefs, each time the topic of birth control is brought under discussion, there is a lot og hue and cry and the problem has been allowed to persist.

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