Nuclear diplomacy of Pakistan


Nuclear diplomacy of Pakistan

Aftab H. Wahla

Since the dawn of the nuclear age – with the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 – nuclear diplomacy has been on the centre stage in international affairs. The post-war multilateralism has given significant expansion to the scope and jurisdiction of traditional diplomacy and, today, economy, technology exchange, scientific cooperation, financial collaboration and international law fall within its ambit. Nuclear diplomacy has further broadened the scope of conventional diplomacy. Nuclear diplomacy can be explained as an expression of a country’s nuclear policy, projection of its peaceful nuclear credentials, and articulation of a forceful narrative to justify its stance over various international initiatives aimed at nonproliferation and disarmament. It is also instrumental in convincing the international community on the significance of nuclear technology for national security and national development. In the following paragraphs, an in-depth discussion will be made regarding the underlying objectives of the nuclear diplomacy of Pakistan, and the official position that the country adheres to on different nuclear issues.

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