Police Reforms vs Policing Reforms


Police Reforms vs Policing Reforms

Police reforms are inward-looking and focus on the organizational aspects of police. For example, an axiomatic question is the constitutionality of police organizations, i.e. whether they operate under the federal or the provincial legal power. Needless to state that the constitutionality debate in Pakistan is much bipolar in its purport, and more often than not, it is assumed to be division of functions between the federation and the provinces, which is partially true as concurrent arrangement is very much supported by the black letter of the constitution. Due to the legal power to use force and affect coercion, all stakeholders try to control police. The device used for this purpose is apparently benign and is seldom fully examined. This device is the power to appoint and remove police officers. This power shapes the governance of a police organization and may ultimately result in regulatory capture of that. In addition, based on the functions of a police organization, its functional classification very much becomes a subject of police reforms.

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