Youth, The Future of Pakistan

Youth The future of Pakistan

On Augurs 14, 1947, Pakistan emerged on the globe as an independent state. This most outstanding and extraordinary event was the culmination of the struggle of the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The struggle for a separate, independent homeland for the Muslims got momentum because the Quaid had unflinching support from revolutionary force of young people belonging to all segments of the society including peasants, skilled, deprived and the educated youth.


Under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam, the youth played an instrumental role in Pakistan Movement. The Quaid expressed his unwavering trust in young generation when he said, “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”

No movement can achieve its goals unless the young generation actively takes part for the achievement of the set purposes. It is also true with the movement for the independence of Pakistan that when young people appeared as key factor in powerful struggle, it transformed the course of human history.

During Pakistan Movement, the demand for a separate country for the Indian Muslims and struggle for its achievement was the fundamental part of the charters of student federations, right from the beginning. Pakistan Resolution of 1940 provided the youth of the Subcontinent with awareness on the importance of an independent land for the Muslims. Long British colonial rule in India and the cruel abuse of Indian Muslims on the hands of the imperialists had shattered their hopes and had forced them to lead a life of misery and wretchedness. The problems and difficulties of youth directly connected with the prevailing sociopolitical and economic conditions under the British rule.

Motivated by the idea of a separate state, the youth had participated and played their proud and glorious role in the struggle for self-determination. Youngsters from all sections of society played crucial role in the creation of Pakistan insomuch as the Delhi wing of Muslim League was completely dependent on the Delhi chapter of Muslim Students Federation. Besides, the students of Aligarh Muslim University also played a key role in the success of the Muslim League, both in the Provincial and Central Assembly elections and later in the creation of Pakistan.

Youth The future of PakistanToday, the youth of Pakistan are facing various social, political and economical challenges. In these dark times, the young generation’s participation in national activities is must for the bright future of the country, and without solving problems of young generation, it will remain a distant dream.

Nevertheless, the youth of Pakistan have the desire and willingness to overwhelm the ills of unemployment, illiteracy, communal disharmony, corruption, human right violations and soaring crime rate by using their youthful strength, élan and the indomitable will power. For this, we first need to strengthen and empower our youth, otherwise they will fall in the hands of criminals.

Only an educated and well-informed youth can solve the problems of the country effectively. Education gives sense of right and wrong or good and bad. Regretfully, many young children cannot even afford to go to school. They remain illiterate and many of them become victims of criminal minds. Luckily however, many young educated youth have made it priority to fight against illiteracy.

The young generation can play a major role for the prosperity and stability of the country. Today, there is a strongly-felt need for the youth in Pakistan to take revolutionary steps to protect nation’s destiny. Youth can especially make a very important contribution towards the spread of literacy in their localities. Pakistani young generation can effect a positive change in the politics of the country through the ballot paper also. Young voters can be a powerhouse for the elections as they have the ability to change the traditional patterns of elections and party rankings.

No doubt, future of our nation lies in the hands of our ebullient and enthusiastic youth. They are the powerhouse and storehouse of infinite energy. In a country, where the voters in the age groups 18-29 are 30.5 percent or 25.76 million of the total registered votes, there is a great possibility of political stability and high democratic values. Young generation has huge responsibility on their shoulders. Future of Pakistan will not simply be determined by powerful bureaucracy and political leaders but by its young people.

A young social and political activist says, “Our motherland maybe going through difficult times, but whatever we are it is because of this country. Our existence attains meaning because of Pakistan only. We are the ones who can and must work for our nation’s better future. It is because of our own people that we stand on such a precarious cliff today and no one from the outside will come to help us out, we must help ourselves out of these trials and tribulations. No matter how small the part we play nonetheless we must play our part. We, the youth of today, are the promise of a better tomorrow.”

A young blogger states, “Our demographic situation provides our youth with an extraordinary opportunity to compete in whatever sphere of life they chose. This is the right time to look at their problems and try to give them possible solutions before it’s too late. The Government and the society should support these ‘Nation Builders’ and concentrate on protecting their physical health; their skill-based education, employment and above all give them the courage and motivation to move forward.”
Despite of evils of terrorism and corruption, Pakistani youth is playing a leading role in promoting liberalism, classlessness, and harmony throughout Pakistan in the light of the vision of the Quaid to brighten up the future of Pakistan.

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