National, International MCQs (November, December 2015)


1. On Nov 16, the government appointed ______ as the new chairman of FBR.
(a) Fawad Hasan    (b) Sohail Masood
(c) Tariq Parvez    (d) Nisar Khan

2. On Nov 17, a PML-N MNA Zahid Hamid took oath as the Federal Minister for ______.
(a) Defence Production
(b) Human Rights
(c) Climate Change
(d) Human Resource

3. The current US ambassador to Pakistan is ______.
(a) Richard Olson    (b) Rachel Edward
(c) Michael Ark     (d) David Hale

4. On Nov 23, the government restored the Ministry of ______ which it had merged with the Ministry of Law and Justice in 2013.
(a) Women Empowerment
(b) State Affairs
(c) Human Rights
(d) Parliamentary Affairs

5. On Nov 24, a PAF aircraft, being co-piloted by Marium Mukhtiar crashed in ______, making her the first PAF woman pilot to embrace Shahadat.
(a) DI Khan    (b) Kundian
(c) DG Khan    (d) Sargodha

6. On Nov 25, Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan ______ was elected President of Asian Ombudsman Association.
(a) Azam Nazir
(b) Javed Mahmood
(c) Dr Shoaib Suddle
(d) M. Salman Faruqui

7. On Nov 25, Gen Raheel Sharif was awarded the prestigious ‘Order of Merit’ by the ______ government.
(a) Brazilian    (b) US
(c) Chinese     (d) British

8. Dr Syed Tauqir Shah is Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the ______.
(a) WTO        (b) WHO
(c) UNHCR    (d) OIC

9. On Nov 26, Mobilink and ______ announced their agreement to combine, in first telecom merger in Pakistan.
(a) Zong        (b) Ufone
(c) Warid        (d) Telenor

10. On Nov 26, the ______ and Pakistan government signed loans amounting to $800 million in the energy sector.
(a) ADB        (b) IMF
(c) AIIB        (d) World Bank

11. On Dec 01, the KP Chief Minister launched the web television of the province named______.
(a) Badal        (b) Badloon
(c) Insaaf        (d) Khyber

12. On Dec 01, the State Bank of Pakistan restricted the management of —— from hiring or promoting senior executives, group heads and other senior officers without its prior clearance.
(a) NBP        (b) MCB
(c) ABL        (d) HBL

13. Nayyar Ali Dada is an iconic ______.
(a) Musician    (b) Architect
(c) Actor        (d) Singer

14. Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini took over as Commander Pakistan Fleet on ______.
(a) Dec 01    (b) Dec 03
(c) Dec 05    (d) Dec 07

15. On Dec 03, Pakistan sent a plane back to ______ after the FIA found 30 passengers onboard to have been illegally deported.
(a) Greece    (b) Germany
(c) France    (d) Belgium

16. On Dec 04, Pakistan was re-elected to the executive council of the Hague–based Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
(a) Rome–based    (b) Hague–based
(c) Paris–based    (d) Geneva-based

17. On Dec 05, an ordinance to convert ______ into a company was promulgated.
(a) PIA        (b) Pakistan Steel
(c) NBP        (d) HBL

18. On Dec 06, the national security advisers of Pakistan and India met for an unannounced meeting in ______.
(a) Tokyo        (b) Bangkok
(c) Kabul        (d) Paris

19. On Dec 08, Pakistan and Afghanistan jointly hosted the fifth Heart of Asia process ministerial meeting at ______.
(a) Shanghai    (b) Islamabad
(c) Istanbul    (d) Kabul

20. On ______, Pakistan and India announced to resume the dialogue on outstanding issues, ending a two-year long stalemate.
(a) Dec 08    (b) Dec 09
(c) Dec 10    (d) Dec 12

21. On Dec 09, the 5th ‘Heart of Asia—Istanbul Process’ Conference was held in ______.
(a) Islamabad    (b) Kabul
(c) Istanbul    (d) Riyadh

22. On Dec 10, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif nominated ______ as next chief minister of Balochistan.
(a) Lashkari Raisani
(b) Sanaullah Zehri
(c) Akhtar Mengal
(d) Azizullah Baloch

23. On Dec 10, the National Assembly passed the Criminal Laws (Amendment) bill, 2015 that provides to amend the ______.
(a) Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997
(b) Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order, 1984
(c) Civil Procedure Code, 1908
(d) Pakistan Penal Code, 1860

24. The current Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan is ______.
(a) Akitaka Saiki      (b) Hiroshi Inomata
(c) Han Zhigiang    (d) Monroe Saiki

25. On Dec 11, Pakistan tested its longest-range and nuclear-capable missile ______.
(a) Ghauri II    (b) Shaheen II
(c) Ghauri III    (d) Shaheen III

26. The Sindhi Culture Day is observed on ______.
(a) Dec 08    (b) Dec 10
(c) Dec 13    (d) Dec 15

27. On Dec 14, the government named 122 educational institutions in ______ after APS martyrs.
(a) Karachi    (b) Islamabad
(c) Lahore     (d) Peshawar

28. On Dec 14, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah took oath as 24th chief justice of the ______ High Court.
(a) Sindh        (b) Peshawar
(c) Islamabad    (d) Lahore

29. On Dec 15, ______ named Pakistan as part of its newly formed 34-nation military alliance of Muslim countries.
(a) Turkey    (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Qatar        (d) Turkey


1. World Falconry Day is observed on ______.
(a) Nov 15     (b) Nov 16
(c) Nov 17    (d) Nov 19

2. On Nov 17, the Philippines and ______ signed a strategic partnership deepening security ties.
(a) Malaysia    (b) Indonesia
(c) Vietnam    (d) Japan

3. The Hans Christian Andersen Prize is ______ top literary award.
(a) Germany’s    (b) Denmark’s
(c) France’s     (d) Sweden’s

4. The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting concluded in Manila on ______.
(a) Nov 19    (b) Nov 20
(c) Nov 23    (d) Nov 24

5. On Nov 21, the 27th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit kicked off in Kuala Lumpur, ______.
(a) Vietnam    (b) Indonesia
(c) Malaysia    (d) Thailand

6. On Nov 21, China and ______ agreed to actively exchange intelligence on terror groups and their activities through a dedicated communication channel.
(a) Pakistan    (b) Taiwan
(c) India        (d) Thailand

7. ASEAN leaders established the Asean Economic Community during the 27th ASEAN Summit at Kuala Lumpur on ______.
(a) Nov 18    (b) Nov 19
(c) Nov 21    (d) Nov 22

8. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) consists of ______ member states.
(a) 7    ‎    (b) 10
(c) 12        (d) 15

9. Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous, special administrative region, was handed back to China by Britain in ______.
(a) 1994        (b) 1995
(c) 1996        (d) 1997

10. On Nov 23, the hird Summit of the 12-member Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) was held in ______
(a) Cairo        (b) Tehran
(c) Dubai        (d) Moscow

11. Steven Spielberg is a______.
(a) Scientist    (b) Director
(c) Politician    (d) Philanthropist

12. On Nov 26, India test-fired an indigenously developed nuclear capable missile ______ having a range of 350 km.
(a) Dhanush-I    (b) Prithvi-I
(c) Dhanush-II    (d) Prithvi-II

13. Nov 27, the 2015 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting was held in ______ capital, Valetta.
(a) Finland’s     (b) Malta’s
(c) Luxembourg’s    (d) Bolivia’s

14. On Nov 27, the Commonwealth appointed Dominica-born ______ as its first female secretary-general.
(a) Patricia Scotland
(b) Tessa Sanderson
(c) Valerie Amos    (d) Janet Kay

15. On Nov 30, ______ ratified an FTA with China that would remove most tariffs between Asia’s largest and fourth-largest economies.
(a) Indonesia    (b) Malaysia
(c) South Korea    (d) Japan

16. The Chinese yuan has been included in IMF’s currency basket with  US dollar, euro, ______ and British pound
(a) Danish krone    (b) Japanese yen
(c) Polish złoty    (d) Brazilian real

17. On Dec 01, Nato announced to keep some ______ troops in Afghanistan for an extra year in 2016.
(a) 10,000    (b) 12,000
(c) 15,000    (d) 20,000

18. On Dec 02, the EU and _____, one of the world’s last communist states, signed a free trade deal
(a) Vietnam    (b) Cambodia
(c) Nepal        (d) Cuba

19. On Dec 02, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) invited ______ to become its 29th member.
(a) Austria    (b) Cyprus
(c) Sweden    (d) Montenegro

20. On Dec 03, ______ joined the US-led bombing campaign against IS over Syria.
(a) Saudi Arabia    (b) Britain
(c) Qatar        (d) Turkey

21. The Global Geothermal Alliance, established on Dec 07, aims at a six-fold increase in geothermal electricity production and a tripling of geothermal-derived heating by ______.
(a) 2020        (b) 2025
(c) 2030        (d) 2050

22. On Dec 08, the ______ lodged with the World Trade Organisation a complaint accusing China of tax discrimination against foreign-made aircraft.
(a) United States    (b) Malaysia
(c) India        (d) Japan

23. On Dec 08, Canada and ______ won WTO approval to impose up to $1 billion a year in trade sanctions against the US.
(a) Australia    (b) France
(c) Mexico    (d) China

24. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is headquartered at ______.
(a) Rome     (b) Amsterdam
(c) Paris        (d) Geneva

25. On Dec 08, ______ first female premier, Laimdota Straujuma, announced her resignation.
(a) Cambodia’s    (b) Latvia’s
(c) Malta’s     (d) Spain’s

26. On Dec 09, Time magazine named ______ as its “Person of the Year 2015”,
(a) Angela Merkel
(b) Francois Hollande
(c) Malala Yousafzai
(d) Narendra Modi

27. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year in the Norway’s capital Oslo on ______.
(a) Nov 30    (b) Dec 01
(c) Dec 10    (d) Dec15

28. On Dec 10, ______ signed the International Convention for the Protection Of All Persons Against Enforced Disappearances.
(a) China        (b) India
(c) Russia    (d) Sri Lanka

29. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) is the main intelligence agency of ______.
(a) Turkey‎    (b) Afghanistan
(c) China        (d) Iran

30. On Dec 11, three astronauts, from the United States, Russia and______, successfully completed a rare night-time landing on Earth
(a) India        (b) China
(c) France    (d) Japan

31. The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP 21 was held in ______ near Paris, France, from 30 Nov to 12 Dec 2015.
(a) Montmartre    (b) Le Bourget
(c) Marseille    (d) Nantes

32. On Dec 12, the President of ______ declared the West African country an Islamic republic.
(a) Benin        (b) Gambia
(c) Burundi    (d) Ghana

33. On Dec 14, the European Union and the UN refugee agency launched a joint programme in ______ to create 20,000 places for asylum-seekers eligible for relocation in the bloc and in Greece.
(a) Valetta    (b) Geneva
(c) Oslo        (d) Athens

34. Addis Ababa is the capital of ______.
(a) Gambia     (b) Ethiopia
© Ghana    (d) Algeria

35. On Dec 15, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a 34-nation Islamic military coalition to fight terrorism, with a joint operations centre based in ______.
(a) Riyadh    (b) Kuwait City
(c) Abu Dhabi    (d) Dubai


1. On Nov 17, the PCB inducted Misbah-ul-Haq and ______ in its Board of Governors.
(a) Mohd. Hafeez    (b) Shahid Afridi
(c) Younis Khan    (d) waqar Younis

2. The fastest ODI hundred by an Englishman has been hit by ______.
(a) Alex Hales    (b) Jos Buttler
(c) Chris Jordan    (d) Ben Stokes

3. On Nov 23, Pakistani bodybuilder Salman Ahmed won Gold medal at World Muscle Mania held in ______.
(a) England     (b) New Zealand
(c) Japan        (d) USA

4. The first-ever day-night Test match was played between New Zealand and ______.
(a) Sri Lanka    (b) India
(c) England    (d) Australia

5. On Dec 01, Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) elected Syed Dilawar Abbas as its ______.
(a) President
(b) Senior Vice President
(c) Director-General
(d) Secretary

6. The number of teams participating in Pakistan Super League (PSL) is ______.
(a) 5        (b) 8
(c) 10        (d) 12


1. Pakistan’s Renowned fiction writer, Ishtiaq Ahmed, died on ______.
(a) Nov 17    (b) Nov 18
(c) Nov 24    (d) Nov 26

2. Pakistan Peoples Party Vice Chairman, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, who passed away on Nov 21, was the 17th spiritual leader of ______
(a) Sarwari Jammat
(b) Ismaili Jamaat
(c) Jammat-e-Ahrar
(d) Makhdoomi Jammat

3. Kim Young-sam, who died on Nov 22, was the former president of ______.
(a) South Korea    (b) North Korea
(c) Thailand    (d) Cambodia

4. On Nov 23, the writer of popular national songs Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan and Ay Watan Ke Sajeeley Jawano, ______, passed away.
(a) Qutbuddin Aziz
(b) Inayatullah
(c) Jamiluddin Aali
(d) Behzad Lakhnavi

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