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Conspiracies Theories about Covid-19 After all, it’s politics, stupid!


Conspiracies Theories about Covid-19 After all, it’s politics, stupid! Saadia Saif Niazi The mystery as to who started or invented coronavirus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic has sown the seeds of suspicion in every person’s mind. It is because what is happening in the world and what we are witnessing today is no longer a problem being dealt with by ... Read More »

China-Pakistan Nuclear Energy Cooperation


China-Pakistan Nuclear Energy Cooperation The role of nuclear energy in Pakistan’s national energy mix is set to significantly increase in the coming years as the country seeks to scale-up nuclear power to meet the rising energy demands of a growing population. In the backdrop of falling domestic gas production, gradual closure of inefficient oil-based power plants, and nominal addition of ... Read More »

Water Disputes with India and Afghanistan


Water Disputes with India and Afghanistan Water is a basic human right but the population explosion, technological boom and high demand for water has led to a global water shortage that is endangering millions around the world. Pakistan, especially, is in trouble as both its eastern and western neighbours, being hostile to the country, are putting in collaborative efforts to ... Read More »

Pakistan-Turkey Partnership and the Muslim World


Pakistan-Turkey Partnership and the Muslim World Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recent visit to Pakistan came at a testing time for both countries, and manifested truly the special nature of their fraternal relationship. Pakistan-Turkey ties are rooted in their history and culture going back to the centuries of Muslim rule in India, but a unique emotional dimension of this relationship goes ... Read More »



CRIMINAL LAW AND  THE PUNJAB SENTENCING  ACT, 2019 Constitutionality of Criminal Law    Modern states claim to assert their monopoly over lawful use of force within their jurisdiction through criminal law; in this sense, criminal law enables states to maintain their internal national security and to keep order in the society. Historically, Pakistan’s criminal law has not been rewritten. Colonial ... Read More »

Cardinal Rules of Life

Cardinal Rules of Life2

Cardinal Rules of Life Laiba Muhammad Aamir Being born into this world is not something we have chosen ourselves. The body given to our lingering soul was completely out of our control. We were thrown into this world without our will and wish. We could be born as an insect, bird, animal or flower. Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher, says ... Read More »