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Pakistan’s Crumbling Education System

Pakistans Crumbling Education System

Pakistan is an unfortunate country in the terms that it inherited an educational system that was based on class segregation and this is still being followed without paying any heed to reform it. Our country doesn’t have a uniform educational system rather it is divided, incoherent and also lacks quality. The multi-tier system that is operating in Pakistan at present ... Read More »

Low on Ease of Doing Business Index

Low on global bsuiness index

Conducive environment for starting and operating a local firm is crucial for accelerating economic growth. One of the top priorities of the sates is, therefore, to create business-friendly environment; inevitable for achieving higher economic growth and reducing unemployment. Nevertheless, conflicts and violence frustrate such efforts’ gear toward establishing peace and security as a public good. The above lines describe the ... Read More »

Seeking International Investment

Seeking international investment

The 2-day International Seminar on Business Opportunities, organized by the Punjab government on November 6-7, presented a perfect opportunity to the international and local businessmen and investors to have frank and candid discussions on investment opportunities in Punjab and explore avenues for possible cooperation. Going by about 150 MoUs and agreements signed on the occasion, it can be said that ... Read More »

Moditva — India’s Bane, I Preach what I do not Practice

Moditva - Indias Bane

Bihar, the Indian state where Buddha attained enlightenment, where the civilization’s greatest empires sprang from, and which saw the world’s first residential university, delivered a sharp blow to the ruling BJP. The election loss in the heartland state came after a period of intense debate over tolerance and India’s national identity. The fear and intimidation that has permeated India is ... Read More »

Are We Witnessing, A Third Intifada?

Are We Witnessing

The question that has been arising since the outbreak of the current flare-up in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is still looking for an answer. With the brutal Israeli response to Palestinian demonstrations in occupied Jerusalem and elsewhere in the area, people keep asking: Is it the third intifada (uprising), will it be a long sustainable one? The bloody events brought ... Read More »

Middle East Crisis and Kashmir, Saying No to Radicalization

Middle East Crisis and Kashmir

From Palestine to Syria, from Iraq to Nigeria and from Afghanistan to Kashmir, the whole Muslim world is ablaze. Conflicts, external interventions, foreign occupations and all such factors are adding fuel to this already burning fire. This grave state of affairs warrants a serious introspection and amelioration of policies so as to transform the Muslim lands into peaceful territories. And, ... Read More »

WITHDRAWING THE WITHDRAWAL, Is Afghanistan A Mission Impossible?

Withdrawing the Withdrawal

Once again, the United States has delayed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan — prolonging the United States’ longest war. Despite an earlier promise to remove US troops from the war-torn country, President Barack Obama announced on October 15 that he will keep military combat troops there at least through the end of his administration in 2016. And in ... Read More »

EU’s Looming Demise, Europe to Build Up New Centres of Power

EUs Looming Demise

People, who believe that the European Union is a monolithic entity that conducts business that benefits individual European nations, have made a huge mistake. Today, the EU is a crumbling bureaucratic intergovernmental organization with several centres of power serving their own interests. All of these are seeking to convert the EU into a super state, controlling Western Eurasia, exploiting its ... Read More »