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US-Iran Tension


US-Iran Tensions Magazine Desk American officials have suddenly raised the stakes in the long-simmering tensions between the United States and Iran, pointing to new intelligence that they say suggests an imminent threat to American interests in the Middle East. Although the potential for armed conflict between the two countries has loomed since the Islamic Revolution, the recent American assertion that ... Read More »

Donald Trump and the Weaponization of International Trade


Donald Trump and the Weaponization of International Trade The Liberal World Order under Threat Magazine Desk Trade policies of Trump administration are causing more problems than they solve as they treat friends like adversaries, thereby weakening alliances. They are further complicating an already fragile US-China relationship. By discarding the current multilateral system in favour of a bilateral approach, the Trump ... Read More »

US-China Trade War


US-China Trade War A dangerous game is on! Magazine Desk During the US-China trade talks in Washington D.C., Chinese and American trade negotiators could not reach a truce. Later, on May 10th, the United States carried through on its threat to ratchet up tariffs on Chinese goods. China vowed to retaliate and impose similar tariffs on American goods. So, the ... Read More »



Of key players in The NEW GREAT GAME Abdul Rasool Syed With the collapse of Soviet Union back in 1991, the great game that began between the Russian and the British Empire, and culminated in the fight for dominance over Afghanistan, came to an end. This, however, created a power vacuum in the Central Asian region that rich in with ... Read More »

Leaders Lament U.S. Withdrawal, but Say It Won’t Stop Climate Efforts

By: MICHAEL D. SHEAR and ALISON SMALE WASHINGTON — World leaders vowed Friday to confront climate change in a new international coalition that no longer includes the United States government, moving quickly to reshape global environmental alliances after President Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris climate accord. At the White House, Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, ... Read More »