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By: Abdul Rasool Syed  An Ages-old, Smouldering Volcano  The blatant display of savagery by the assailant in the Christchurch attack that claimed precious lives of fifty peaceful Muslims engaged in worship at mosque is the latest reminder of Islamophobia that is surging exponentially in the West. Islamophobia is not a novel phenomenon; it has existed for over a long period ... Read More »

China’s Internment Camps

China's Internment Camps

By: Abdul Rasool Syed The so-called re-education camps for Uighur Muslims What’s happening in China under the guise of re-education of the Uighur Muslims is quite shameful. It seems that China, like the West, is suffering from paranoia against the Muslims. Islamophobia is mounting unprecedentedly with each passing day in Chinese society. It is quite evident in policy of the ... Read More »

Donald Trump vs the World, The globalism of the one percent

Donald Trump vs the World

Donald Trump is a worldly fellow. He travels the globe on his private jet. His fortune depends in large part on the global economy. He has business interests in nearly two-dozen countries on four continents. Just as wealthy Americans often slight the role the domestic infrastructure has played in the making of their fortunes, Trump routinely disregards how much his ... Read More »