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Trade wars are huge threats to food security


Trade wars are huge threats to food security international trade has provided consumers with access to a more diversified and nutritious food basket. However, for trade to improve food security to the greatest number of people across the globe, greater international cooperation is necessary. More than 820 million people— equivalent to more than 10.0 percent of the world’s population—were hungry ... Read More »

Police Reforms vs Policing Reforms


Police Reforms vs Policing Reforms Police reforms are inward-looking and focus on the organizational aspects of police. For example, an axiomatic question is the constitutionality of police organizations, i.e. whether they operate under the federal or the provincial legal power. Needless to state that the constitutionality debate in Pakistan is much bipolar in its purport, and more often than not, ... Read More »

FBR versus Traders


FBR versus Traders Revival of CNIC condition and its effects on tax compliance Tax revenue plays a significant role in economic growth and development of a nation, which is evident from the fact that countries with higher tax-to-GDP ratios are more developed as compared to countries where these ratios are low. Pakistan is included among developing countries because it collects ... Read More »



40 YEARS OF AFGHAN REFUGEES Predicaments and policy options for Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan has completed 40 years of hosting Afghan brothers and sisters, with open arms, grateful hearts, smiling faces and tolerant minds, with minimal international support. They have been here since 1979 when the USSR invaded Afghanistan and compelled needy Afghans to take shelter in their second ... Read More »

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan


Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan The “Giveaway of the Century” On January 28, President of the United States, Donald Trump, presented his long-awaited Middle East peace plan—the so-called “deal of the century”—wherein he proposed an independent Palestinian state and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements. Standing alongside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Mr Trump ... Read More »

Brexit Got ‘Done’


Brexit Got ‘Done’ What will be the future of European geopolitics? On January 31, the United Kingdom ended its 47-year integration with Europe, making a historic exit from the EU after years of bitter arguments to chart its own uncertain path. Beginning an 11-month transition period that will include tough trade talks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised a “new ... Read More »