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Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) monthly magazine is the project of Jahangir Publishers — a continuation of dedication and service to the nation. For a long time, it has been felt that students and general readers must be kept abreast of current happenings taking place in the world. Jahangir’s World Times provides the critical analysis of upheavals of the world to make an informed decision to be based on the most authentic and authoritative information available.

JWT brings comprehensive coverage of diverse global issues in a straightforward manner. Topics range from breaking world news and the latest market evaluation to thought-provoking book reviews, opinions of analysts to the review of the most recent scientific breakthroughs. Our articles are thoroughly researched and always impartial because we know our readers prefer to make up their own minds.

We are confident that the stimulating range of topics covering almost all fields of knowledge will enable you to discover the difference between information and insight.

By the grace of God within a span of five years, our magazine has become the priority reading for important personalities throughout Pakistan and the contemporary world every month because every latest issue brings insightful reports exclusively on Pakistan as well as on global issues. You’ll see your country as the world sees you, which is not only refreshing, but often eye-catching. You’ll also understand how events in this progressive and dynamic region relate to you and the rest of the world.

Our Mission:
Serve and educate society.
Objective and critical analyses of the current state of affairs.
Cater to the true needs of the student community.

Member – APNS
Dedication and hardwork has earned us a membership of the prestigious All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) in a record time.

ABC Certified
JWT is ABC Certified and has touched a handsome figure of circulation.

The circulation of our magazine today ranges from 45000 – 48000. This figure covers the complimentary copies, including subscriptions and market sale. Some of our issues were super-hit. We have received encouraging response not only from the general readers but also from the students and the marketing sector.

Our Marketing Strategy
To help you achieve your goals, we will design and implement highly personalised advertisement solutions, with your help and our professional marketing advisors. Our network makes this possible – a network based on relationship, expertise and skill. Every service we provide, every solution we offer is directed towards preserving and enhancing your scope of business in the most effective possible way. Our Marketing strategy is simply based on the philosophy that people do not want to be marketed to, they want to be communicated with. We provide you the best and feasible opportunity for advertising as we believe that good advertising does not just circulate information. In this regard, we have already received encouraging and positive response from

the Leading National and Multinational Companies, Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutions, Immigration Consultants etc.

“Why’ JWT
“Jahangir’s World Times” is the first monthly comprehensive English magazine covering stories related to Socio-political and Economic Issues, Management, Health, Human Rights, Business, Showbiz, Corporate Sector, Mobile Phones, Laptops etc. The readers’ interest is foremost in our mind.

Contents-wise Break-up
For your convenience and understanding, we are giving you the contents-wise break-up of JWT, so that we may be able to convince you, your clients/ concerned persons, in a better and succinct way.
JWT is divided into nine main sections which are as follows:

Students Exclusive/Career Counselling
Exclusive and comprehensive coverage for the students/candidates of all kinds of competitive examinations, including Central and Provincial Services, Universities’ Entry Tests, Banking, Armed Forces, Multinationals etc, under the head of Exam Cram Series like:

  • Monthly updated Multiple Choice
  • Questions (MCQs) on National
  • and International Affairs
  • Monthly Event-wise News on National
  • and International Affairs
  • Monthly News on Sports
  • Places in News
  • Personalities in News
  • Obituaries in News
  • CSS Q&A
  • CSS Tips and Tricks

Exclusive Interviews of Successful Students
These are of great help for the millions of students. “Jahangir’s World Times” is the only magazine in the market which caters to the needs of the candidates. The students are buying our magazine as their first choice as we provide material vital for their examinations with guidelines, essential for the candidates’ success. We present properly edited and in readable form the news synopsis of the whole month. This is besides our exclusive stories, based on contemporary events, comprehensive and analytical.

For Corporate/Business Class
We regularly cover success stories of top business gurus including Donald Trump, Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and some of our local management tycoons. Corporate and business class is considered as the hub of financial life of a region or a country. After the cold war corporate business has emerged rapidly. This has led to the new business ethics and a new philosophy of management. Globalization has also changed the face of the business. Now business is not limited to the geographical boundaries. So it is necessary for one to keep oneself abreast of the new methodology of doing and maintaning business. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) presents stories of management tycoons to let its valued readers learn from their experiences, to tackle and manage business successfully.

National & Global Issues
It is the only magazine in Pakistan that covers international issues, besides national events even some leading magazines fail to cover global events. We regularly cover stimulating, informative range of top spicy stories and crispy political events. These are of great importance and impart information for readers of all classes.

Monthly Forum
We also hold students’ based forums on national and international issues on monthly basis and during the last few months, we have successfully conducted forums in leading colleges/universities like Kinnaird College, Lahore College University, GC University, NCA, NUML, NCBA, Punjab Law College etc where we directly interact with hundreds of students.

We cover important functions of the embassies. The social evenings are attended by Islamabad’s elite, and the diplomats in a large number. JWT is the only magazine at the national level that gives coverage to the cultural events and social gatherings at the embassies. We also regularly send our magazine to the embassies of US, UK, France, India, Canada, Spain, South Africa, etc. We always received a favourable response from the embassies.

Tourism is a regular feature of our magazine. For the benefit of our readers, JWT picks up every month one of the world’s top tourist spots and displays it with all the information required for a traveller. The countries selected have thanked the JWT editor through their embassies, as a token of gratitude, for displaying their tourist spots.

Exclusive Interviews
JWT has the privilege of taking exclusive interviews of important politicians, analysts, intellectuals, businessmen, bureaucrats, students, professors, physicians, media/showbiz persons.

For Entertainment
JWT is your ultimate guide to the dynamic world of entertainment:

• Science & Tech  • Hawkeye • Health ‘ n’ Glamour
• Poetry   • Book Reviews  • Literature   • History
• Horoscopes   •Movies • Puzzles   • Jokes
• Latest Innovations   • Business Gadgets

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