Jahangir Books

Jahangir Books – Years of Dedication and Service
Jahangir Books established in 1923 is one of the oldest and prestigious publishing houses in Pakistan. It has been serving the nation in the field of publishing through more than 2000 extra-ordinary publications on almost all fields of knowledge like literature, politics, technical, IT, children, poetry, history, philosophy, Islamic, encyclopaedias, books for competitive exams etc.

Diversified Portfolio of Business
JBD Press has a diversified portfolio of business equipped with modern technology. Quality and customers’ satisfaction have all always been the hallmarks of our each Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Each Strategic Business Unit has well defined strategy for business execution with well structured marketing campaign.

Printing & Publishing

One of the salient features of our firm lies in the fact that we are capable of making standard enriched publications in time reason being the firm is not dependent on any other production and printing agency till completion, as we have a complete modern in-house infrastructure with all accessories to publish up-to-the mark publications throughout the year.

Book Stores
We not only publish books but we also have the largest network of book stores throughout Pakistan.

Branches are located exactly in the heart of almost all the major business cities of the country (Total number of branches are 9:  4 in Lahore, 1 in Rawalpindi, 1 in Multan, 1 in Faisalabad, 1 in Hyderabad and 1 in Karachi).

JBD is the pioneer publishing house in Pakistan which is putting forth untiring efforts with the collaboration of the world’s recognised publishing houses such as Microsoft Press Corp. USA, Barrons Educational Series Inc., USA, Osborn, McGraw Hill, USA, Prentice Hall USA, Letts Educational Ltd., UK, John Murray, UK etc.

Our Fold of Writers
Well-known, eminent and learned scholars/ authors like Mr. Ejaz Rahim, Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad, Ms. Parveen Shakir (Late)
Mr. Naseem Hijazi (Late), Mr. Shamshad Ahmad
Mr. Nasir Kazmi, Mr. Irshad Ahmad Haqqan (Late)
Ms. Kokab Khawaja, Mr. Qayyum Nizami,
Dr. Akhtar Shumaar, Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik (Late), Mr. Javed Hashmi, Justice (r) Samdani,
Mr. Javed Ahmed Ghamdi, Mr. Ahmed Deedat (Late), Dr. Safdar Mahmood Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi, Dr. Amjad Parvez, Mr. Irfan Siddiqi, Mr. Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi
Mr. Zahid Hussain Anjum, Prof. Muzaffar Bukhari and many more, are exclusively working with us for the last many years.

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