Amanat Ali Chaudhry

The writer is a civil servant and can be reached at

Status of Minorities

Every now and then something happens that highlights the precarious situation in which the non-Muslim religious minorities are living in Pakistan. However, the gloss on the issues of religious minorities proves to be fleeting in nature. The pattern that has emerged from a number of recent incidents is that the government’s interest stays alive in such cases as long as …

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Punjab Budget 2016-17 A policy win?

Punjab Budget 2016-A policy

For long, the trickle-down theory has held its appeal for the economists around the world with the countries adopting policy instruments that were generally favourable to big businesses and wealthy elite. The idea governing the preference for this model has been a single-minded focus on achieving growth at any cost; secure in the belief that it will automatically lead to …

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Seeking International Investment

Seeking international investment

The 2-day International Seminar on Business Opportunities, organized by the Punjab government on November 6-7, presented a perfect opportunity to the international and local businessmen and investors to have frank and candid discussions on investment opportunities in Punjab and explore avenues for possible cooperation. Going by about 150 MoUs and agreements signed on the occasion, it can be said that …

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On Road to Paris: Fighting Climate Change

Fighting climate change

A two-day moot in Lahore, organized by Embassy of France in collaboration with various stakeholders, brought together a distinguished galaxy of diplomats, development practitioners, people associated with the NGOs and INGOs, civil society activists, intellectuals, ministers and government representatives. Around 600 people attended the event. Officially titled as ‘Pakistan to Paris: On the road to 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21)’. …

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Evolving Civil-Military Relations

Civil-military relations have had a chequered history in Pakistan. In the best of times, it has been a working relationship defined by narrow set of the rules whereby military has allowed civilians to take the front seat while it deals with complex security and terrorism-related problems. In the worst of times, there has been a pronounced tug of war which …

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Investing In Youth

The two-day Job Fair & Entrepreneurial Exhibition organized by Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) in June 2015 brought together students, academicians, job-hunters and job-seekers, and a large number of common people. The Exhibition, first of its kind in the public sector, showcased vast opportunities of innovation, entrepreneurship and skills development. The visit to this Expo should have spurred …

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Our Terrorism Problem

The massacre of about four dozen men and women belonging to Ismaili community in Karachi on the fateful morning of May 13 is yet another reminder; if at all any other reminder was needed, of gravity of the problem of homegrown terrorism. This is the second most gruesome act of terrorism after the carnage at Peshawar’s Army Public School on …

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The Coming Water Challenge

Threats & Opportunities for Pakistan Themed as ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, March 22nd this year marked the World Water Day that is celebrated every year under the banner of the UN-Water. The day served as an opportunity to highlight the importance of water at the heart of sustainable development. Given the scarce water resources in view of ever-increasing demand of …

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On Obama’s India Visit

The tone for the US President’s much-talked-about visit to India was set well before he set off to New Delhi. As is the norm in high-profile foreign visits, President Obama spoke to India Today, an Indian publication, on a subject that touched the right chord with his Indian hosts. While expressing his country’s resolve to continue working with Pakistan in …

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Peshawar Tragedy

How to deal with terror Barely has one month passed since the heart-rending and soul-piercing Peshawar tragedy took place that much hyped political consensus against terrorism has started developing cracks. The first blow to the nascent national unity was dealt by the JUI-F chief, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, who opted out to support the 21st amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, objecting …

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