Asim Raza

The writer is a PAS officer from 38th CTP, currently serving as Director Admin & Finance, Gilgit Development Authority. He can be reached at: asim_raza7950@yahoo.com

Essay Paper!!! Don’t Worry You Can Pass It


I have seen many people afraid of many things, yet the fear that CSS essay paper evokes in the hearts of the innocent aspirants is gigantic in size and horrible in nature. Students feel that passing essay paper is as tough as surmounting the K2 and that too without being requisitely equipped. And, they are justified in their perception. The …

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5 Reasons Why People Fail CSS Exam

An attempt to highlight the causes of failure in CSS exam You appeared! You appeared and you failed! No problem! No problem if things are clear to you! No problem if you know what failed you. And really no problem at all if you are determined to fight back and break the failure jinx next time!

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