Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir

Dean/Head, Department of Business Studies, PIDE

The European Economic Crisis and its Impact on World

The situation in many debt-ridden countries worsened with a major political upheaval and the resultant change in eight out of 17 countries hit by the crisis. The crisis led to power shifts in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. A number of countries in Europe face serious financial crisis that has made it impossible for them …

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Improving Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The course curricula should be revised periodically through flexible approaches based on the learning outcome. More and more popular and market-oriented courses need to be introduced. The key to economic growth and industrialization is a skilled and well-trained workforce. We are at the crossroads of the history with a number of opportunities knocking at our door. Now it is up …

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The Impact of Foreign Aid on Pakistan in post-9/11 Scenario

During Musharraf’s tenure, the US provided over $13 billion in military and economic aid, with military assistance accounting for over two-thirds, mostly through Coalition Support Funds (CSF). The approach was described by well-informed analysts as billions of dollars ‘provided without an overall perspective or any real sense of objective aside from support to Pakistan’s military.’ In return, Musharraf agreed to …

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Political Economy of Economic Reforms in Pakistan

Although reform initiatives were taken by successive governments seriously, many of these could not be implemented properly because of political imperatives and a lack of commitment by the leadership. Economic reforms in Pakistan were designed to address structural weaknesses of the economy and imbalances under the structural adjustment programmes implemented within the framework of the International Monetary Fund and the …

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Boao Forum: The Asian Voice

The theme of Annual Conference 2012 of BFA “Asia in the Changing World: Moving toward Sound and Sustainable Development,” points toward number of challenges that Asia may face in coming years.  The East Asian miracle which has changed the perception of the World about Asia has developed interest of the policy makers, development practitioners, business leaders and academia in the …

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Pakistan’s Energy Crisis: Current Situation and Way Forward

Pakistan should look for all alternatives to increase its electrical energy production by 10,000 MW in two years. This is a very challenging and difficult task. But if it fails to achieve the target, all other indicators will go negative leaving behind a disastrous situation. Energy is assuming central stage due to the rapid economic growth in different parts of …

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WTO and its Implications for Pakistan

Pakistan should have a vision of what it would like to achieve from other nations before reciprocating market access to them. Trade relations, like all other relations, are friend and foe oriented and are glued with the broader national interests of the country. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an organization that intends to supervise and liberalize international trade. The …

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MFN Status to India: Merits and Demerits

Granting MFN status to India may be beneficial for both countries. It may expand the size of the market because of trade creation and trade diversion. This possibly can help expand production on a large scale and also infuses competition into markets. Introduction In international economic relations and international politics, Most Favored Nation (MFN) is a status or level of …

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Framework for Economic Growth in Pakistan

The new growth framework developed by the Planning Commission is an innovative plan that seeks accelerated and sustained growth and development Planning Commission of Pakistan evolved a new strategy to boost the long run growth of the economy.  This strategy is based on the consensus that without economic growth, country cannot be put on the path of progress and prosperity …

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