Faraz Hussain Rahu

Making Sense of ‘Security’ in the Twenty-first Century

Making sense of Security in twenty first century

Security possesses a significant place in the discipline of International Relations. Scholars have spared undue time and energy in conceptualizing and operationalizing the security. No other concept is highly debated than this one. But, it is still a largely contested and controversial term. There is no universal consensus on what constitutes the security, what threatens it, how it can be …

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PALESTINE-ISRAEL CONFLICT, Assessing the Role of European Union

Who can resolve Palestine-Israel conflict

Palestine-Israel conflict has been rightly labelled as the mother of all issues in the Middle East. It is one of the most protracted and potentially dangerous conflicts in the world. After more than seven decades, the resolution of the conflict is still a distant dream. It caused wars, shed blood, created disorder and fomented instability in the region. Indeed, impact …

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