Mian Shafiq

General Science & Ability

Recently, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has introduced substantial changes to the syllabus for CE-2016 onwards. The compulsory subject of erstwhile Everyday Science has been renamed as “General Science and Ability” which consists of two parts: General Science (60 marks) and General Ability (40 marks). The revised syllabus is more aligned with present-day knowledge. However, if we compare it …

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Everyday Science: Tips to Score High?

Everyday Science (EDS) is the only subject that ensure 80% marks in the CSS Examination. But, it’s a bit hard to achieve this target. Let’s take a look at the technique the aspirants should go for in order to score excellent marks in this high scoring paper. First, we shall discuss the manner in which candidates usually make the preparation. …

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A model Paper for Every Day Science

First attempt part- l which is compulsory. Part – l Q. No.1. Select the best option/answer 1. ‘isn’t a worm at all – it’s the name for a type of fungal skin infection. a. Roundworm    b. Ringworm c. Tapeworm     d. Flatworm 2.    ________ is a disease that results in dramatic mortality worldwide a. Epidemic    b. Endemic c. Pandemic    d. Globedemic …

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Solved Everyday Science Subjective Paper 2011

Q. 5. a)     Basically how many forms of energy are there? Also name these. (1+1) b)     Enlist different types of energy. (4) c)     Why are trying to find alternate energy sources? (2) d)    What is renewable energy source? Quote three examples of renewable energy source. (2) Forms of energy Energy exists in various forms, including kinetic, …

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