Muhammad Shoaib

Pakistan’s Democracy Pangs

Pakistans Democracy Pangs 1

How to Make Pakistan a True Democratic State? Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has faced various problems including, but not limited to, political agitations, soaring inflation, rising unemployment, unending energy crisis and rampant militancy; all of which have been taking a heavy toll on the country. But, despite all that continues, the so-called plant of ‘democracy’ is taking its …

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Sectarian Fault Lines & Pakistan

Sectarian Fault Lines

My heart aches, every time, when I see brutal and inhumane killing of innocent people and their heavily bereft families. At the same time, I wonder over the inability of the state in protecting the precious lives and property of its citizens whether it is of a Muslim or a non-Muslim, and over the senseless and psychologically-tortured masses of the …

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