S. M. Piracha

Exclusive Interview: His Excellency Richard G. Olson

Richard Olson

The Outgoing US Ambassador to Pakistan New US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Profile On October 15, 2015, the Obama administration appointed Mr Richard G. Olson, the outgoing US ambassador to Pakistan, as the next US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr Olson will take charge of his new designation on 17th of November 2015, the time when …

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Exclusive Interview Mr Harald Finger, IMF Mission Chief to Pakistan

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): As the IMF programme is moving ahead, how do you see the performance of Pakistan’s economy in the first eighteen months of the programme? Harald Finger (HF): Pakistan has made significant progress in the first 18 months of the IMF programme in addressing short-term imbalances and risks coming out of economic crisis of 2013. Tremendous progress …

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Exclusive Interview His Excellency Philip Barton

British High Commissioner to Pakistan During recent years we have tripled the number of scholarships for Pakistani students. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): As you have completed first year of your posting in Pakistan, how would you describe your experience? Philip Barton (PB): Well, this has been a wonderful experience and I had been having a very interesting professional time here …

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Exclusive Interview – His Excellency Mr. Alexey Yurievich Dedov

Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Pakistan Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): A joint statement at the conclusion of Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud’s visit to Pakistan raised many eyebrows about country’s Syria policy. How do you see this policy? Is it consistent with Geneva-I accord? Alexey Yurievich Dedov (AYD): Pakistan’s policy on Syria has always been independent and …

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Honourable Mr Abdul Basit Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India

Blessed with extraordinary qualities of head and heart, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Honourable Mr Abdul Basit, is a career diplomat par excellence. He joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1982 and during his illustrious career he has held various important assignments in Pakistan Missions abroad and at the headquarters. Prior to his posting as High Commissioner, he was …

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US ambassador Cameron Munter

We (Pakistan and the US) need to get- together, we need to talk together openly, honestly and frankly. Q:-Now that the Parliament has unanimously approved its guidelines, what is the way forward for the two countries? Ans: First of all, we are very pleased that the Parliament has taken this job very seriously and has come up with these guidelines …

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We Want Peace and Understanding between Various Parties of Pakistan which do not Agree with One Another

Interview with Tajik Ambassador HE Zubaydullo N. Zubaydov Jahangir’s World Times: How do you comment on the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Tajikistan? HE Zubaydov N. Zubaydov: We are enjoying cordial relations with Pakistan. Our relationship is good and growing further. But this is not satisfactory for us because it is not as good as the political relations between the …

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We are Supportive of the Democracy and Civilian Government in Pakistan

HE Lars-Gunnar Wigemark Ambassador of European Union to Pakistan Jahangir’s World Time(JWT): How is the European Union (EU) reaction to the recent developments between Pakistan and India on bilateral trade relations? Lars-Gunnar Wigemark: It is a very positive development that Pakistan and India are seriously addressing trade issues and moving towards trade liberalization. Meeting between the Commerce ministers of the …

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There exists plenty of room for further enhancement of economic and trade relations between Pakistan and Brazil

HE Alfredo Leoni Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan HE Alfredo Leoni is a career diplomat. Since October 2009, he has been Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, concurrently to Afghanistan and Tajikistan. He has served in the Embassies of Brazil in Mexico (1984-86), Berlin (1987-89), Beijing (1996-98), Rome (2001-03) and Tokyo (2004-06). He was also posted to the Permanent Mission of …

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