Sidra Sattar

Participation Of Women In Pakistan’s Politics

Participation of women in Pakistani Politics

1.    Introduction 2.    Participation of women in Pakistan’s politics since 1947 3.    Present situation 4.    Diabolical proponent that has created anathema 5.    Pragmatic Reforms 6.    Conclusion In a patriarchal society like Pakistan, women are considered merely a kind and most of them are bound within the societal confines. Unfortunately, they are considered inferior even by their own families in almost …

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Lynch Law & Mob Rule

No religion, no culture and no law on the planet allow punishing a human without being subject to a fair trial. That’s why the right to fair trial is an essential right in all countries respecting the rule of law. If this basic human right is violated, then it cannot be compensated in any way. Depriving a human of his …

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