Status of Minorities

Every now and then something happens that highlights the precarious situation in which the non-Muslim religious minorities are living in Pakistan. However, the gloss on the issues of religious minorities proves to be fleeting in nature. The pattern that has emerged from a number of recent incidents is that the government’s interest stays alive in such cases as long as …

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Leaders and Their Legacies

Leaders and their legacies

“Who is our leader” is a question easier asked than answered in today’s world. Nations are not led by leaders any more. Countries, including those considered mothers and champions of democracy are no longer governed by moral or ethical values. Misfortunes of our world today come not from excess but from total absence of leadership at national and global levels. …

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Gadgets to look for in 2014

Since this time a year ago, we’ve seen a number of popular releases that have changed the dynamic of the tech world. All we have been using in 2013 seems out of date now. What have we got to look forward to during 2014? Here are the top 10 things to watch out for in the new year.

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Is Democracy Suitable for Pakistan?

Ever since the emergence of Pakistan on the map of the world as an independent state, there has been an intense debate over the model of governance to be adopted in order to run the affairs of the country. Constitutions have been formulated with unanimous consensus by the parliaments, have been subject to fundamental amendments, and have been abrogated by …

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