Jahangir’s World Times Magazine for the year of 2012


Islamic concept of state is that of a welfare state, which concentrates on the welfare and well-being of people, where rulers are custodians of public rights and property. There is no room for aristocracy, immunity and infallibility in Islamic concept of state and the rulers are having double responsibility and accountability. Firstly, like other Muslims they are accountable to Allah …

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Vocabulary In News II

ex-officio: by virtue of one’s position or status Asif Yaseen Malik has been appointed ex-officio chairman of PIA. bar: block, restrict, thwart, obstruct, impede Myanmar bars OIC from opening its office. vandalise: damage, despoil, ravage, raze, wreck Bangladesh has started rebuilding 19 Buddhist temples vandalised by Muslim mobs. pedigree: lineage, descent, extraction, ancestry India’s new foreign minister blends an illustrious …

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Queries of CSS Aspirants

This section has been started to guide the aspirants of competitive exams. Experienced mentors will answer all the queries regarding CSS and PMS. Looking for guidance,send us your Queries and our experts will answer. 1. What is the significance of drawing diagrams and figures in EDS paper? Most important! EDS is a science paper. In science paper, you have to …

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NATIONAL UK bans Bilour’s entry: Federal Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has been barred by the British government from travelling to the UK in retaliation for the bounty he offered for the murder of a US filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. SC says govt has failed in Balochistan: The Supreme Court said the Balochistan government had constitutionally failed to curb human …

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CSS Psychological examination is considered the toughest of its kind. This examination comprises multiple tests and activities which expand to two days. The primary objective of psychological assessment is to estimate the abilities and personality traits of the candidates in order to gauge their aptitude for the Civil Services of Pakistan. Performance of candidates in this examination not only influences …

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This Month in History DECEMBER

December 1, 1988  Benazir Bhutto was nominated to become prime minister of Pakistan, the first woman to govern a Muslim nation. December 1, 1994 – The head of the U.N. Commission on Rwanda estimated 500,000 deaths had resulted from genocide. December 2, 1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor of France by Pope Pius VII in Paris. December 2, 1805 …

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Mary Jane, Merry Christmas

I am here to remember you, you are not alone. Souls are immortal, you came to this land, which is mine, I could only bring this green branch to place over your grave, you belong to this land, you belong to us. Merry Christmas, Mary Jane.’ On joining government service I had undertaken that I would be required to serve …

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