Demember 2016

Monthly Jahangir’s World Times

Issue: December 2016

The Great Muslim Philosophers, The gems of Islamic intellectual culture

The Great Muslim Philosophers

At present, the tragedy that holds its severe grip on the Muslim world is the intellectual crisis that has engulfed the entire civilization. The first and the foremost reason behind this crisis is our utter disconnect with the original texts and scriptures and it occurred due to obsoleteness of the brain’s most important capability — theorization. This prominent feature holds …

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Telling the Untold Stories of Migration

Telling the Untold Stories of Migration

Migration, be it within a country’s boundaries or beyond its territorial limits, is a phenomenon no country is excepted from. Whether it is a developing country or a developed one, internally-displaced people or those who have migrated to other places are found everywhere. These migrants play a critical role in keeping the wheel of their host countries’ socioeconomic development in …

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Solving the Word Problems

solving the Problem

Key Words MCQs 1. Subtracting 6 from a certain number gives the result 7 less than twice of that number. What’s the number? (a) 1          (b) ½ (c) 5          (d) 6 2. Four times the first of three consecutive even integers is 3 more than twice the third. What is the third integer? (a) 9    …

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PAKISTAN CHINA relations, Instructions for Writing The Essay

1. Introduction 2. Some facts about China and Pakistan 3. Historical evidence of Pak-China Friendship Border settlement between Pakistan and China Role of China in Pakistan-India war Chinese support for Pakistan at UNSC China and nuclear programme of Pakistan Role of China in the defence needs of Pakistan Pakistan’s support to China at the time of isolation Pakistan’s role in …

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Science and Civilization


Science has rendered great services to civilization. It has released the forces of nature and harnessed them in the progressive march of civilization, generation after generation. It has canalized the energies latent in our environment toward raising the standard of human life through a flood of discoveries and inventions. It has changed the face of the earth, making it unrecognizable …

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In Conversation with M. ZEESHAN NADEEM, 8th in Punjab, PMS-2015

ZEESHAN NADEEM, 8th in Punjab, PMS-2015

Quality always matters in writing the answers to various questions asked Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Zeeshan Nadeem (ZN): I did matriculation and intermediate from public sector educational institutions of District Okara. Then I earned the degrees of BSc (Hons.) and MPhil in Agriculture Sciences from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. JWT: …

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Instability in Pakistan, A look at the causes and the future course of action

instability in Pakistan

Since its very inception in 1947, Pakistan has been grappling with various crises—political to economic, to social, so on and so forth. Every new government, political and military alike, came up with plans to put the country on the path of prosperity and development but the problems have increased manifold and have even become more complex. Unfortunately,  the government neither …

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