International MCQs (September 2014)

1. The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has kept him hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in ______. A. London    B. Paris C. Stockholm    D. New York 2. On July 16, a Netherlands court ruled that the Dutch state was liable for the deaths of over 300 ______ Muslim men and boys in the Srebrenica massacre. A. Serbia    n    B. Azri C. …

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Model Paper for PMS General Knowledge (MCQs)

1. The University of Al-Karaouine is the oldest university of the world located in (a) Iran        (b)*Morocco (c) Egypt    (d) France 2. Which is the current capital city of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar? (a) Colombo    (b)* Naypyitaw (c)Thampo    (d) Rangoon 3. Which is the biggest district of Pakistan? (a) Bahawalpur    (b)* Chaghi (c) Karachi    (d) Khuzdar …

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Use Your Word Power Right

In the sentences below, choose the words or phrases in parentheses that are correct or preferred usage. Answers follow. A certain (party, person) whom I won’t mention says she likes you. She (ought not, hadn’t ought) to go. Being as, Because, Being that) it’s late, I cannot go. I’m not going (anywhere, anywheres). (Regardless, Irregardless, Disregardless) of the price, I’ll …

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Model Paper for PMS General Knowledge Papers

1.In which of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist? (a) America    (b)    England (c) Pakistan    (d)    India 2. The Politics is considered as the first book on the art of government, identify the author:- (a) Socrates    (b)    Plato (c) Aristotle    (d)    Adam Smith 3.  Thomas Cup is given for the game of:- (a) Lawn Tennis    (b)    Golf (c) Table …

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PMS 2009 Solved General Knowledge Paper

1. Press freedom day is observed on _______; A: May 3     B: May 15 C: May 17    D: May 27 2.    _______ is the US Ambassador to the Middle East. A: George Mitchell B: Robert Gates C: Richard Holbrooke D: None of these 3.    Swat is situated in the range of _______; A: Hindukush B: Himalayas C: Karakoram …

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