1. Introduction
2. Different Faces of Women’s Backwardness
·    Illiteracy
·    Economic deprivation
·    Malnutrition
·    Limited role in decision-making
·    Sexual harassment
·    Domestic violence
·    Early or childhood marriages
·    Excessive pregnancies
3.Does backwardness of women lead to backwardness of the nation?
Yes, it’s true! It’s backwardness of women that:
·    results in the formation of a morally weak society     which is full of:
·   crime
·   corruption and favouritism
·   ineptness and incompetence
·    drug addiction
·    wreaks havoc with the economy of the country by     effecting:
·    decrease in GDP
·    decrease in exports
·    decrease in tax revenues of the state
·    rise in inflation
·    increase in poverty
·    adversely affects the health conditions of the nation     because of:
·    poor knowledge of hygiene and cleanliness
·    poor knowledge of nutrition
·    ignorance of ways to stay healthy
·    Generates the issue of overpopulation
·    Creates deleterious impacts on the image of the     nation
4. Causes of Women’s Backwardness
·    Religious causes
·    Negative role of the so-called religious leaders
·    Misinterpretation of religious injunctions
·    Less consideration for ijtihad in Muslim states
·    Political causes
·    Lack of political will
·    Poor or insufficient legislation
·    Lack of representation in decision-making fora
·    Social causes
·    Illiteracy of men
·    Taboos, customs and traditions
·    Security issues
·    High rate of childbirths
·    Economic causes
·    Poverty at domestic level
·    Budgetary constraints at national level
·    Lack of economic opportunities
5. Different Steps being Taken at National and International Levels for Women Empowerment
·    Millennium Development Goals
·    Sustainable Development Goals
·    Different laws and policies
·    Awareness campaigns
·    Role of NGOs
6.Recommendations for the Amelioration of  Women’s Conditions
·    Propagation of true message of Islam through         moderate religious leaders
·    Enactment and strict implementation of laws to:
·    End domestic violence
·   Provide security at workplaces
·    Control early childhood marriages
·    Fixation and enhancement of quotas in:
·   Elected bodies and national as well as provincial     legislatures
·    Educational institutions
·    Jobs in public as well as private sector
·    Counselling of the male members of the society
·    Awareness campaigns
·    Allocation of more budget for:
·    Women education
·    Population control programmes
·    Soft loans
·    Women’s health and nutrition
7.Some other Recommendations for the             Development of a Nation
·    Focus on education
·    Allocation of more budget for research and         development
·    Eradication of corruption
·    Sustenance of democracy and political stability
·    Rule of law
·    Promotion of accountability culture
·    Devolution of power and authority
8. Conclusion

How to write this essay?

1. Do start the introductory paragraph with a general discussion about the women and gradually narrow down its scope toward the Thesis Statement which, for this essay, can be given in many ways. For example:

(a) “There is no denying the fact that backwardness of women leads to backwardness of the nation”.

(b) “A cursory glimpse over the history and present situation of the world lends credence to the fact that the more backward the women, the more backward the nation”.

(c) “It is high time nations realized the importance of women empowerment as the shackles of backwardness cannot be broken otherwise”.

2. Always bear in mind that the scope of the essay is not confined only to Pakistan. The examples, arguments and discussion, therefore, should be general and not Pakistan-specific.

3. The discussion on the point “Different faces of women’s backwardness” should, ideally, be spread to three to four paragraphs. In the first two paragraphs, two sub-points may be discussed individually while in the remaining paragraphs; all the remaining sub-points may be elaborated briefly.

4. The Third main point i.e. “Does backwardness of women lead to backwardness of the nation?” is the actual question to be answered in the essay. Your discussion on this particular point should cover more than ten paragraphs. Normally, a paragraph comprises six to ten sentences depending on the nature of the sub-point. In this part of the essay, you should give arguments in a very logical and emphatic style. While writing, you should consider yourself as a lawyer who is standing in the courtroom and is trying to prove that the ultimate outcome of women’s backwardness is nothing else but the backwardness of the nation.

5. Causes of women’s backwardness should be discussed in six to eight paragraphs. Length of initial paragraphs, normally, is more than the latter ones. While discussing the causes, don’t be too shallow in your arguments.

6. The fifth main point comprises the efforts being made by the world community at different levels to ameliorate the condition of the women. I would strongly recommend the use of latest and accurate facts and figures while discussing different initiatives from around the world. References of different organizations fighting for the women emancipation should be mandatorily given. This would assure the examiner that you have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

7. Two sets of recommendations should be given in this essay. Whereas more emphasis should be laid on recommending the measures that could improve the condition of women, some other steps should also be recommended for the development of a nation.

8. In the concluding paragraph, a summary of what has been discussed in the preceding paragraphs of the essay should be provided.

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