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Following are some most frequently questions asked by the panellists during the CSS-2016 Interviews.  International Affairs

Russian President Putin has stated that climate change is a fraud. Do you agree? Why?
Describe the roles and functions of UN Security Council and General Assembly?
What are Sustainable Development Goals and how they are different from the Millennium Development Goals?
What decisions have been taken during recent United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21?
What is happening in EU?
What is the Current situation in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan? And what will be the future of them.
Russia-Turkey relations after downing of Russian jet.
Questions about airliners e.g. MH370 crashed in recent months.
Nuclear proliferation and nuclear politics

Pakistan Affairs

What are the alarming issues of Pakistan?
What are the main clauses of National Action Plan?
Discussion on Civil-military relations especially with reference to NAP as the basis of the current civil-military relations.
How will the civil-military relations evolve?
NAP is set to expire in a year. How will its expiry affect the relations?
Will a new plan be needed in place of NAP? What should be the main features of the new plan?
What is the process of impeachment of the President of Pakistan?
Why is the government not delivering and how can the system perform well?
What are the differences between Sindh Police, Punjab Police and Motorways Police?
What are the social issues of Pakistan?
What are the main issues of health sector?
What is wrong with education?
How corruption can be eradicated or minimized from Pakistan?
What is your opinion about Prime Minister’s Kissan Package? Will it prove beneficial for uplift of small farmers?
How do you see the Province-Centre tussle over the issue of Rangers’ powers?
Are Pakistan’s nuclear assets safe and secure?
What is the name of the place where the five rivers meet? What is the significance of that place?
What is the importance of Doabs?
What are Attabad Lake, Chaghi Hills and Reko Diq?
Discussion on the nuclear policy of Pakistan.
Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the time of enactment of 1956 Constitution?
Who is Supreme, Parliament or Judiciary?
Explain differences between the present and previous Local Government System?
Why General Raheel Sharif is visiting foreign countries so frequently, as it is function of Foreign Minister or Foreign Secretary?
What is the share of Agriculture in Pakistan economy?
What is the stance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh on the issue of Kala Bagh Dam?

Pakistan & the World

Do you support the stance of Pakistan on the Yemen issue?
Respective stances of Pakistan and the US on Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan
What is the Pakistan-Iran territory issue?


What is the link between GDP growth and increase in foreign reserves?
How much was the GDP of Pakistan last year and how much is it now?
What are the two main categories of taxes in Pakistan and how would you categorize the various taxes into these two?
What will be the impact of CPEC on the economy of Pakistan?
What are the weak areas of Pakistan’s economy?


What are basic principles of good governance?
What will be the role of the DCO in new Local Government System? Who do you think will be appointed to the post, given that the new system does not specify anything in this regard?
How will the new local government system change the governance?
What will be the general impact of the new local government system on Pakistan in general?


Do you think that South Punjab is a breeding ground for terrorists?
What is the difference between jihad and terrorism?
What is the difference between ISIS and ISIL?
Why are Muslims tagged as terrorists? Give suggestions to change image of Muslims in the world.
Why, in your opinion, educated people are involved in terrorist activities?


What are your weaknesses and strengths?
What qualities do you feel a career civil servant should possess?
What are your qualities that you think can make you a civil servant?
Why did you decide to shift your career path?
What is the aim of your life?
What are your hobbies?
What newspapers do you read?
What sort of a person you are?
What is the significance of the area you belong to?
What are some famous things of your area?
What is your cast?
Who is your favourite personality and why?
Questions on candidates’ favourite books.


Why is there a Civil War in Syria?
Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. What is your opinion?
Who is the President of Syria? What was the name of his father? How long did the rule of his father last?
What is the importance of Syria in Islamic history?
What were the capitals of Islamic Caliphate before and after Syria?

Islamic Studies

What is your general perception of Islam?
What is Jihad and what are its types?
Define the concept of Ijma and Qiyas. What is the difference between these two?
What was the strategic importance of Misaq-e-Madina?
Which tribes participated in Misaq-e-Madina?
What was the first name of Madina?
To whom Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first told about Wahi?
Names of Ashra Mubashra.
Names of Ummahat-ul-Momineen
Some questions on Muslim rule in Spain
A few questions were asked on the famous Sahaba.


Suppose that in the future, you are the Chief Secretary of a province and you wish to implement something for public welfare but the CM is against it. How will you handle the situation and convince him/her?
Suppose you were Ambassador to France during attacks in Paris. What steps would you take to protect Pakistani Community and their image worldwide?
A candidate was given the role of a Secretary and was asked to chalk out a plan of action for a situation.

Questions on Optional Subjects

Interviewers have discussed with the candidates questions on optional subjects at great length. Here is a glimpse of their focus areas.


What is the Meridian Line?
What is the difference between gulf and bay and between sea and ocean?
Explain the terms longitude and latitude.

Indo-Pak History

Who was Bairam Shah?
What reforms did Alaud Din Khilji introduce?
Sikhs ruled in Punjab and during that time they had a term “missal”. What does this term mean?


What is water-logging?
What is salinity?
What part of the total area of a country should be forested?
What percentage area of Pakistan is covered by forests?
What are the diseases that ail different types of trees in Pakistan?
What are mangrove forests?
What is water-shedding?
Tell something about Range Land Management.


What is embedded journalism?
What are the ethics of journalism?


Who is your favorite poet?
What is yellow journalism? (Journalism)
Can you recite or recall some verse written by that poet?


What is stand for hypothesis? (Psychology)
Watergate Scandal (History of USA)
For Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)
Why have you chosen PSP as your group of preference?
How are the funds that the government has allocated for the police being used?
What changes do you think you can bring in the police with regards to the thana culture?


Before the present system, what was the system of collecting government revenues in your area?


Panellists have mainly focused on Current Affairs.

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