Status of Women before Islam, and in other religions

  • Status of women in Arabia
  • Status of women in Roman Empire
  • Status of women in Hinduism
  • Status of women in Buddhism

Status of women as granted by Islam

Status in a house

  • As a mother
  • As a sister
  • As a wife
  • As a daughter

Status in a society

  •  Right to life
  •  Right to honour and dignity
  •  Right to education
  • Right to forming and breaking conjugal relations

Status in a state

  • Right to enjoy fundamental human rights
  • Right to enjoy citizenship of the state

In today’s world, do women actually enjoy the status granted to them by Islam?

  • NO

Causes of poor status of women in Islamic states

Religious causes

  • Negative role of religious leaders
  • Misinterpretation of religious injunctions
  • Avoidance of Ijtihad in Muslim states

Political causes

  • Undemocratic governments
  •  Lack of political will
  • Poor legislation
  • Lack of representation at decision-making fora

Social causes

  • Illiteracy of men
  • Taboos, customs and traditions
  • Security issues
  • High childbirth rates

Economic causes

  • Poverty at domestic level
  • Budgetary constraints at national level
  • Lack of economic opportunities

Recommendations for the amelioration of situation

  • Role of moderate religious leaders to propagate true message of the religion
  • Enactment and strict implementation of laws
  • To end domestic violence
  • To provide security at workplace
  • To control child or early-age marriages
  • Fixation and enhancement of quotas
  • In elected bodies
  • In educational institutions
  • In jobs
  • Counselling of the male members of the society
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Allocation of more budget
  • For women education
  • For population control programmes
  • For soft loans
  • For women’s health and nutrition


Most Important Essay Topics for CSS-2017

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  2. Governance is a bane of Pakistan
  3. Air accidents put a serious question mark on the performance of state-owned enterprises of Pakistan
  4. Education: a factor of change
  5. Devolution of power is not possible without a meaningful local government system
  6. Rule of law is the ultimate requirement for growth and development of a state
  7. Indian policies are dragging the region to another war
  8. Strikes, sit-ins and rallies; and their impact on democracy
  9. Syria: another failure of UNO and other global champions of peace
  10. Syria: a land rife with human rights violations
  11. Social media: a ray of hope or another Pandora’s box of evils
  12. CPEC: a door to a new Pakistan
  13. Corruption is a tree having its roots upwards

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