Essay Writing Tips & Tricks for Scoring Excellent Marks

essay writing

Essay writing is not an inborn quality rather it is an art or, more rightly, a skill that can be learned, enhanced and mastered with practice. When it comes to writing an English essay in CSS, PMS or any of the competitive exams, it turns out to be an uphill task for most of the aspirants. But to be precise, essay writing is a skill of formulating, categorising and prioritising one’s ideas on a topic in a rational, argumentative, convincing and balanced as well as coherent style.

Why do people fail the essay paper? What could be the most effective techniques to prepare for this paper?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you in getting through this paper with excellent marks:

Topic Selection

In CSS examination, a candidate has to write on one out of the ten given topics. Make sure that the topic you select is broad enough to give you the maximum space to express your knowledge and ideas effectively. For that, a topic related to contemporary issues would be the best choice. Instead of going after literary topics, it is better that you focus on topics related to current affairs like social issues, economy, international relations, international organisations, religion, science, global political scenario, etc.


Good expression adds beauty to the essay. The term ‘expression’ includes diction, style, clarity, idiomatic flavour and use of appropriate quotations.

Making Outline

Outline of the essay plays an instrumental role in making the examiner believe that you have a sound grip on the topic. Outline must be given in a terse style and its content should encompass all possible aspects of the topic. It is always advisable to make small headings, points, bullets, etc., in the outline. An outline can, therefore, be taken as your first handshake with the examiner. So it must be impressive and appealing and lasting.

Writing Essay

1. Introduction

When writing essay, always start with an introductory paragraph that should be most relevant to the topic as well as subject matter of the essay. This paragraph depicts what — and how — you have comprehended from the topic statement. The introduction should be precise, well-worded, appealing and, at the same time, fascinating. Remember, it makes your first impression on the examiner and you know first impressions are the most lasting.

2. Body

Body is that part of essay which initiates right after the introduction. It is the middle, and the largest part, of the essay and can consist of as many paragraphs as you want to write. This all crucial segment of the essay must be divided into many small paragraphs, with a new point to be discussed in each one of them.

3. Conclusion

It is the concluding part of essay as it sums up all the ideas discussed in the preceding paragraphs. It can be termed as a summary of the essay.

dos and donts

Dos and Don’ts

Following points must be considered for writing a good essay.

5 Dos

present the ideas and thoughts in simple but correct English. The essay must be a reflection of your knowledge, maturity of thoughts and ideas as well as rational and multidimensional approach.

give your best while using the punctuation marks.

make your writing most relevant to the topic. Relevance comes with the knowledge and knowledge shows how well read you are on personalities, various aspects of society, political issues and events, science, religion, art, literature, history, current issues and challenges, etc.

maintain inter-paragraph coherence and congruity. The last line of a paragraph must be connected to the first line of the following paragraph.

give an approximate word count and the approximate time at the end of the essay.

5 Don’ts

not make any spelling errors and factual mistakes.

not write long sentences unnecessarily rather prefer to write as short a sentence as possibly you can as it lessens the chances of making errors and wrong sentence structures.

not try to fill the pages only to meet the desired word count. It won’t take you to any fruitful end.

not write repeatedly on a single idea.

not indulge into verbosity and using flowery language to impress the examiner. A very simple vocabulary shall serve the purpose.

The writer got 70/100 marks in English essay in CSS examination and all the tips given here are based on her personal experience.

The writer got 70/100 marks in English essay in CSS examination and all the tips given here are based on her personal experience

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