Geography for CSSLong-awaited changes in CSS syllabus have finally been unveiled. Besides including some new subjects like Anthropology, Environmental Science, Governance & Public Policies etc., the FPSC has also placed all the optional subjects in seven groups. The changes have made the selection of optional subjects an uphill task for most aspirants and for scoring good marks, they will need to seek for guidance.

In the new dispensation, although Geography has been reduced to 100 marks only, yet it still is the best option as it has many windows of opportunities and potentials for the aspirants. In old scheme, Geography was a hot favourite subject and this trend is expected to continue because in the new arrangement, importance of Geography has increased manifold due to the following reasons:     

  1. Taking Geography as an optional subject helps a student in building his capacity to think critically about any issues in the world. This not only broadens his vision but also improves his approach to solving those issues.
  2. Geography can be a wiser choice on the part of students as it complements other subjects like Environmental Sciences, Town Planning, Geology, Agriculture & Forestry and even International Relations. Thus selecting Geography, in combination with these subjects, can be opted to secure excellent marks.
  3. With the reduction in marks, the syllabus too has been substantially reduced. The topics which have been excluded are: Rocks, Weathering, Mass Weathering, Maps, Concepts of Environmentalism and Possibilism, Crops, Forests & Fisheries, Regional Geography (Geography of Pakistan & South Asia).
  4. Its relevance vis-à-vis compulsory subjects cannot be denied as Geography has now got a close connection with General Science & Ability and Current Affairs papers too. Inclusion of modules i.e. Physical Science & Environmental Science in General Science paper corroborates this very fact.
  5. Cultural, Political, Economic and Environmental portion of Geography is extremely helpful in writing English Essay especially those related to current affairs.
  6. As a science subject, it still has a better potential to yield excellent scores as compared to other subjects which need extensive study, detailed commentary and a critical appraisal which may attract examiner’s ire or bias.
  7. As it’s a conceptual subject, it needs no cramming rather it facilitates the students in developing the conceptual mindset, thus, it harnesses their knowledge base in the real sense.
  8. Geography has got plenty of resource material easily available in the market.
  9. Aspirants of CSS do also appear in other competitive exams like PMS, PCS, etc., wherein Geography still carries 200 marks. So, it can be rewarding in those exams also. Moreover, the tests comprising “One Paper MCQs of 100 marks” carry a huge portion of geography. It also helps students during their preparations for interviews.

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