History Of Pakistan & India

History Pakistan and IndiaAfter the recent revision of the syllabus of History of Pakistan & India, the aspirants of CSS are perplexed whether to choose this subject or not. This confusion is understandable given the significant impact that the revision has on the scope of this subject. The FPSC has squeezed this subject of 200 marks into 100 marks. This means that the preparation time and efforts remain the same but the reward has been halved. In simple words: more efforts and less reward. However, this perception is not fully valid. The candidates have to look deeper into the merits of opting for this subject.

There, still, are a number of benefits that this subject offers.

First, it makes us study our own history. Without knowing our own past, we cannot work for a better future. In my opinion, everyone must study the subject whether or not one has opted it for the exams.

Second — and probably the most important — is that a significant part of its syllabus complements the paper of Pakistan Affairs. This complementation offers a great incentive especially for those aspirants who have short time at their disposal for the preparation. Many of the topics like Muslim rule in the Sub-Continent, movements for reforms, Civil-Military relations, foreign policy of Pakistan, political evolution since 1971, evolution of democratic system in Pakistan, etc., are common in both papers.

Moreover, on comparing it with most of the other subjects that have also been reduced to 100 marks, it becomes clear that preparing this paper is rather easy given its clearly defined syllabus and its relevance with the paper of Pakistan Affairs.

Having the opportunity to teach this subject to the aspirants, I see all the more valid reasons to opt it for getting a good grade. The students just need to focus on how to write crisp and crystal clear answers to the questions asked during the paper. With this is mind, I advise all the CSS aspirants to go for it.

In my upcoming volume of “To the Point History of India-Pak” under Jahangir Exam Cram Series, I will try to come up with a one-book solution according to this new revision so that the students will not have to waste time in gathering all the requisite data.

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