History of USA

History of USAHistory of USA has been one of the most rewarding optional subjects of CSS exam both in terms of marks one can obtain, and the understanding of the modern world seen in the context of the rise of the US from a colonized state to the global superpower that it is today. The subject consists of one paper of 100 marks and covers important events from around 200 years of the US history, especially 1775 onwards. It has also been opted for the ease to prepare it offers as the topics required to make a good attempt are not so many that the task may seem difficult.

The recent revision of syllabus by the FPSC hasn’t brought about any major changes in that of the History of USA. Some topics exploring the functioning of the US government like US Presidential Elections, US Congress and Its Mandate, Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances have been introduced to assess the ability of the candidates to comprehend these crucial concepts upon which the working of the US government is based. Moreover, several topics have been added to put focus on the Cold War Era as well the contemporary world issues that have emerged after 9/11. Both these areas, though not explicitly present in the previous syllabus, have been put into questions in the CSS papers of US History during recent years.

Keeping in view the areas which students now have to focus, a comprehensive book entitled “History of USA for CSS” is being published by Jahangir Books — and will be soon available in the market. It not only completely covers the new syllabus but also focuses on the important questions chosen carefully from the previous years’ papers. Starting from the pre-colonial era, the book discusses the colonial experiment in North America, and then goes on thoroughly examining the political, economic and philosophical origins of the Revolutionary Movement. The differences between Federalists and Anti-Federalists have also been tersely analyzed. Furthermore, important Presidencies of Washington, Jefferson, Munro, Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Bush, and Obama have been evaluated in detail. The main features of American history like Westward Movement, Issue of Slavery, US Imperialism, Civil Rights Movement have also been given due consideration.

While writing “History of USA for CSS” special attention has been given to the needs of the candidates. The narrative is simple yet engaging; the arguments are logical; and sources are authentic. The causes and effects of all important historical events have been discussed in chronological order. After reading this book, the students will not require any other material to prepare for the CSS exam.

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