How to Score High in Town Planning and Urban Management


The very fundamental rule of cracking a paper successfully is to understand, grasp and discern what the examiner wants you to write. No matter how much time you have spent with the books, subject and on preparation, this paper time will be deciding your promising future if you efficiently  use your wits.


The nature of the question and its handling technique matter a lot in securing excellent marks. Fully understand the question, its context, the level of quotation and the terminology used. For instance, the question is: “Present the pragmatic uses of GIS in decision support system”. Apparently, the question involves no clue of town planning context and most of the candidates will adopt a general approach but your applications must be in support of town planning where the decision support system integrates GIS.

There should be a balance and a flow in your answer. The language should be lucid, grammatically correct and it must sound perfect. Express yourself in a way that the examiner feels no exigency to reread your sentences.

This paper is of a technical nature and must be tackled technically. Be relevant, specific and, above all, solve the questions in the context of planning and management in Pakistan.

You are supposed to answer questions in relation to planning strategies, trends, growth pattern and other planning features of a particular megacity. So, you should be equipped with the basic information like population, area, density, growth trend, planning history and other additional characteristics of, at least, megacities.

The employment of relevant sketches and diagrams is a plus point to impress the examiner. The examiner will be a professional so be prepared that you might be given tough time.

When you quote a relevant point originating from a certain journal, article, book or research paper, always provide the due reference. Proper referencing will be yielding extra marks for you.

Be calm and confident, no need to get panicked if you see an unexpected question. Make a perfect outline for every question; support it with accurate statistics, references, quotations, updates and numerical figures to produce a high-scoring write-up.

Most Important Questions for CSS-2016

Q1. “Town Planning is a tool to enhance the quality of life of the members of a community.” Discuss the statement with concrete points.

Q2. In your opinion which civilization had contributed more towards comprehensive city planning? Also discuss the lessons learnt in context of urban planning and development.

Q3. Discuss the role of intelligent transportation system in promoting efficient mobility in megacities of Pakistan.

Q4. How Development and Master Plans can ensure sustainable development? Discuss in context of the any city of Pakistan.

Q.5. Karachi is in the list of megacities of the world. Its population is still increasing at a rapid pace. What type of immediate and long-term measures will you suggest to control the haphazard urbanization?

Q6. In your opinion which Five-Year Plan had contributed more towards urban planning and development? Narrate reasons of its successful contribution.

Q.7. How GIS can be helpful in the decision-making process? Explain with the help of relevant examples.

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