In Conversation with Akhlaqullah Tarar 3rd in Pakistan, CSS-2015

Akhalqullah Tarar 3rd in Pakistan CSS-2015

Self-belief, smart work and devotion to your mission are the key ingredients of an outstanding success

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background?

Akhlaqullah Tarar (AT): I got my early education from my native town, Hafizabad. Later, I proceeded to Lahore  and got enrolled in Pakistan’s most prestigious institution, Government College University (GCU) from where I did BS (Hons.), with Political Science, by securing third position. Further, I did my MPhil in Political Science and got first position with a CGPA of 3.82.

JWT: As everyone starts dreaming of a future career in his or her childhood, what were your dreams? Did you always aspire to be a CSP officer?

AT: Yes, I must say that being a CSP officer has been my childhood dream. And, in order to achieve this goal, I chose my academic line that, in future, would be beneficial for me in achieving my goal. Unlike many students who aim to do CSS sometimes during their studies or after getting inspired from someone, I had a single mission before me: be a CSP officer and serve my countrymen to the best of my capabilities.

JWT: You have been allocated to Police Service of Pakistan. What feature of PSP attracted you the most?

Akhalqullah Tarar 3rd in Pakistan CSS-2015 2AT: I believe as a police officer I will be able to dispense justice in a more efficient way. Even before performing the duty of dispensation of justice, I think police officers can contribute a lot to maintaining internal security of the country. In the wake of ongoing situation in Pakistan, this aspect of police duties gets even more important. So, this noble feature of public service inspired me to join the Police Service of Pakistan.

JWT: As you have secured excellent marks in written part, so what, in your opinion, is the key to making a difference in this part of CSS exam?

AT: To me, the only key to securing excellent marks in written part, and in overall CSS exam, is the quality to be all-inclusive while making preparations. The aspirants should cover all possible aspects of the topics under study and then present their arguments based on the knowledge that they had gathered in a cogent, coherent and impressive style while in actual exam. If your arguments are rational and are supported by relevant facts and figures, then there is no reason why you can’t get outstanding marks. Moreover, your presentation does also matter a lot.

JWT: Generally, compulsory papers are considered low-scoring, but what was your strategy that you got through these and secured good marks as well?

AT: As I said earlier, the only key is to gather information from authentic sources and presentation of that in a style that impresses the examiner. Generally English Essay is considered the toughest paper. But, I believe if students expand their knowledge base by reading quality material from diverse sources, and develop their expression and writing skills, this becomes very easy. Similar strategy should be adopted for other papers as well.

JWT: What were the toughest and the easiest parts in your whole CSS journey?

AT: Before appearing in CSS exam, I was already serving as a PMS Officer in Punjab; so, naturally, the toughest part was to maintain a balance in my duties and the time I had devoted to studies. However, I did manage it efficiently. My dedication to my studies helped me a lot in getting the phenomenal success in CSS.

The easiest part, however, became even easier with the great confidence I had in my abilities. As I said, I was a PMS officer; I had nothing to lose. Due to these factors, getting through CSS was as easy as pie for me.

JWT: Anything important about your CSS journey you want to share with the aspirants?

AT: The most striking feature of my entire CSS journey was patience and perseverance I had shown in the face of all problems or time constraints. I strongly believe that self-belief, smart work and devotion to your mission are the key ingredients of an outstanding success.

JWT:  Who deserve(s) the credit for your success?

AT: First and foremost, the whole credit of my success goes to my respected teacher, mentor and guru, Sir Ahmad Raza Khan (late) as he is the person who instilled in me the traits and qualities that made me what I am today. He always considered me like a member of his family. I owe him a lot. Unfortunately, he is no more now, but what he taught me and what I learned from him will always be a source of guidance for me.

After him, I am also thankful to my family and friends for their unrelenting support and prayers for my success.

JWT: What distinguishes you from other successful candidates?

AT: I think it is the dedication to my aim and hard work to achieve my goals. Moreover, I have been a brilliant student throughout my academic career and have many distinctions on my credit.

Akhalqullah Tarar 3rd in Pakistan CSS-2015 1

My Interview Experience

My interview with the FPSC panel was a great and enjoyable experience. The panellists were very amicable and they interviewed me in a friendly environment. The questions they asked were mostly related to the Constitution of Pakistan, my optional subjects, history of Pakistan, current affairs, my personal and professional life, etc. The interviewers actually wanted to elicit my views on diverse subjects and they tried to explore my knowledge base as well through questions on various issues.

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