Most Expected Questions for PMS-2011

Geography Paper-1


What are different types of Rocks? Classify them and give their economic importance.
Write a note on the internal structure of the earth.
How earthquakes happen. Discuss Plate Techtonic Theory in detail.
What are land features associated with glaciers, rivers and wind erosion and deposition?
Explain the concept of insolation. Discuss heat balance between earth and atmosphere.
Define and classify air masses and give their global distribution.
Discuss temperate and tropical cyclones with the weather associated with them.
Bring out the characteristics of any one type of region
a. Hot equatorial     b. Moonsoon
c. Mediterranean.
What is the general movement of the ocean currents of Atlantic and Pacific oceans? Also write down their effects on adjoining areas.
Discuss the types of rainfall in detail.
What is salinity? What are factors affecting it; discuss the source of ocean salts.

Elaborate man-environmental relation in detail with logical arguments.
Discuss growth, structure, distribution of world population with factors affecting this distribution.
Write down the characteristics of rural and urban settlements. What are the major factors leading to urbanisation in Pakistan?
Migration has been an enduring theme of the past. Discuss its different kinds and effects of internal migration on the economy of Pakistan.
Classify economic activities, explaining any one secondary economic activity in detail.
What are different kinds of agriculture practiced in world? Give examples.
Explain production, world distribution and trade of wheat and rice.
Discuss steel and textile industry in detail explaining their role in economics of different countries.
Describe political, economic and social relationship between ‘Less Developed Countries’ (LDCs) and ‘More Developed Countries’ (MDCs).
Describe world trade pattern.
Write down on
1. Population resources regions of world.
2. Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan Gwadar.

Mass Communication
How is news circulated? What are various ethics to consider for a news publication?
Discuss the concept of Freedom of Press in Pakistan. What are various hurdles in achieving the target?
Write note on journalism of
a. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
b. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
c. Muhammad Ali Johar
d. Hasrat Mohani
What main role is the print and electronic media playing now a days?
What is the difference between the news of electronic media and print media?
Discuss the role played by the Muslim press during Pakistan Movement?
Discuss social and developmental responsibilities of Pakistani Media.
Journalism is playing a very significant role in the present day societies. Discuss the functions of journalism as a challenging profession. What are the ethics in journalism?
What are various styles of editorial and column?

Discuss the concept and process of communication? What is the importance of Mass communication in this modern age? Suggest measures to overcome physical and psychological barriers concerning and cognitive dissonance.
What are the principles and barriers to communication?
What is the role of advertising in the modern world as it is said that one cannot sell gold without effective advertising?
What are the duties of PRO?
Explain seven types of propaganda.
Freedom of the press is a common issue in the field of journalism. Discuss the case of Pakistan since its establishment regarding the restrictions on media. (Electronic + Print).

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