Note: As the revised syllabus for CSS English Essay says that “Candidates will be required to write one or more Essay in English,” it is better to prepare short essays as well because being on the safer side is always advisable.

Those who do not aspire to be successful would either be lunatic or the dead. Success might have different meanings for different individuals, yet it resonates in all the beating hearts in a similar way. It is another reality, however, that cherishing something and practically getting that are two different things. The destination of success is never achieved by all those who start journey towards it; it comes only to those who prove that their determination is resolute enough to brave the pains and sufferings they face in the course of their journey. And genuinely speaking, there are only a few who are able to do so.

Most of the success-lovers are those who, instead of being ready to earn it, desire to have it merely by a stroke of luck. Their desire to reach the destination of success, although, is equally alive, yet their body is unwilling to be tested in the fire of labour and toil. Even if they make any struggle toward achieving their goal, it’s too halfhearted and sporadic that it fails to produce the desired results. More often than not, such people after being unsuccessful in getting the desired outcomes, start blaming fate or the system. Rarely are they able to realize that nothing but their own flaws are responsible for their misfortune. And, if someone is really able to realize this fact, it would be his first step on the right path; the one that inevitably leads to success.

History, also, bears testimony to the fact that only those who were ready to bear the pain of work were ultimately able to enjoy the fruit of gain. Discoveries of laws of nature, inventions of scientific tools and instruments, preparation of lifesaving drugs, establishment of business and political entities, creation of literature and masterpieces of art; every achievement was an outcome of the infinite patience that great heroes and iconic personalities had exhibited while bearing the hardships and pains in performing the tasks that were arduous to all others. It is only the sweat of toil that can water the crop of success; it is only the seed of courage that is potent enough to bear the fruit of achievements.

NO PAIN NO GAIN 1Today, the nations which appear to be leading the world are the ones which were able to learn the golden principle of struggle and effort much before the others. These nations put in all their energies and potentials and worked for the collective upgradation, and the outcome of all those efforts is reflected very much in the status they enjoy today in the comity of nations. Lay the other superpowers of the world aside, the examples of China, South Korea and Malaysia are substantial enough to explain the whole theory of success in layman’s terms. Sheer dedication and relentless hard work of one or two generations of these countries have bestowed such an exalted status upon them that their each and every citizen deserves all the rights to be proud of. Even though many nations are not ready to take a leaf out of the books of these successful nations; they are naïve enough to ignore the principle that success is something that doesn’t deserve merely to be prayed for; it is something that deserves to be struggled for.

NO PAIN NO GAIN 2It is generally accepted that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world and nothing is available in the market of life unless it is paid for, no gain can be made without bearing pain of effort and struggle. Things which take no pain in coming, take no time in going back. Those who are unwilling to endure discomforts, remain always deprived of comforts of success. There is no royal road to success. The only way that leads to the destination of glory passes through the valleys of hardships. No one is born as a scholar or a scientist; this is sheer struggle and herculean efforts that bestow the crown of distinction, dignity and honour upon a common man. Mere snapping of fingers neither has made nor will make any one get anything worth getting. Those who really want to pursue the aims of their lives should not let their limbs enervate. Strenuous, determined and relentless effort is the best way — and perhaps the only way too — that leads to success .

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