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This section has been started to guide the aspirants of competitive exams. Experienced mentors will answer all the queries regarding CSS and PMS. Looking for guidance,send us your Queries and our experts will answer.

1. What is the significance of drawing diagrams and figures in EDS paper?

Most important! EDS is a science paper. In science paper, you have to present your answer with appropriate figures and diagrams in order to support your answer. Generally, half the marks are reserved for these diagrams in each question. So you should practice drawing them as much as possible. In paper, try to draw a neat diagram with proper labelling.

2. Should we attempt Islamiyat paper in English or Urdu in order to get more marks?

It hardly concerns the examiner. You should attempt it in language you are comfortable with. The idea is to check your knowledge of Islamic concepts and not your language skills. English or Urdu does not carry marks of itself; it is your effective argumentation and presentation which matters here. So, forget about the language issue and prepare your paper in language you are comfortable with.

3. Is it OK to wear Abaya in interview? I’ve heard they discourage it.

Absolutely wrong perception! Each year so many girls wearing Abaya get passed in CSS examination and some of them get fairly high scores. Even during Common Training Programme, one finds many female colleagues wearing Abaya. There is no restriction on any dress. However, you should be in professional attire avoiding excessive jewellery or fancy dress. Interview is your chance to present yourself in best possible manner. Spend some time on yourself and ask opinion of your family members or close friends about your looks. With Abaya or without it, you should look good.

4. How should I attempt English Essay paper?

English Essay is the most important paper in CSS. More often than not, it is the only paper which determines your fate in this examination. In essay paper, you are given a choice of around 10 topics and you have to attempt only one of them. If we look at the English essay topics asked in previous exams, relate to only one aspect of the issue that the candidate may have prepared. You have to make a distinction between the issue that you have prepared and the specific aspect of that issue being asked in the paper. Those candidates who reproduce crammed material irrespective of the specificity of the topic asked are likely to annoy the examiner. Thus, relevancy of your essay is the most crucial factor in determining your scores in this paper. Moreover, your essay must contain up-to-date information presented with a logical flow and symmetry as required by the topic. You should also focus on your written skills related to basic English grammar, punctuation and sentence construction.

5. I have studied Arts subjects throughout my educational career. Which subjects should I opt for CSS to get higher scores?

You may select any History subject (Indo-Pak, British, Islamic). With a thorough study and good approach, you may fetch good marks in History. Similarly, Journalism, Public Administration, Sociology, International Law, Mercantile Law and regional languages are good options. Key to success is selecting a subject which you can understand well and then its thorough preparation.

6. What should be the strategy for Current Affairs paper?

Current Affairs paper is a tricky one as there is no well-defined syllabus for it. For a comprehensive preparation, you may divide this subject in four segments: Foreign Relations of Pakistan; International Organisations; Domestic Scenario and Problems; and International Issues. Prepare Pakistan’s foreign policy and relations with all neighbouring states, US, Muslim world, and West in general. In international organisations, UN, OIC, ASEAN, SAARC, ECO, SCO, European Union and NAM are important. For domestic affairs, study role of various institutions (parliament, judiciary, army and intelligence agencies, media, political and religious parties and civil society), issues related to Pakistan economy and its various sectors (agriculture, industry, exports, tourism, etc.), terrorism and national security issues, energy crisis, etc. I would also advise you to consult various newspapers and websites for preparation of notes. Thus, by adopting a comprehensive approach to prepare this paper, you’ll be confident in Current Affairs paper.

7. Should we be assigning roles in Command Tasks in Psychological Examination?

Unless you have been specifically asked to do so in your task, assigning roles in Command Tasks is generally not desirable for a number of reasons. It creates confusion as most of your fellows would not be prepared for this as you would be breaking the news onto them. Furthermore, it may cause unnecessary delay as to reminding people of their particular role. Moreover, it may affect the quality of arguments/suggestions coming up from your subordinates. For instance, a candidate has a very good suggestion related to one particular aspect but you assign him/her a different role. So where it puts him/her in trouble for thinking for another suggestion, but it also loses one valuable suggestion for your command task. Thus, assigning roles, if not specifically asked, is likely to prove counterproductive.

8. I’ve heard that one MUST present a moderate view in Islamic Studies paper in order to get passed. How far is this true?

Unfortunately, this is one of those myths and false notions presented to the candidates that they must give a so-called moderate and enlightened view on issues related to Islam. These notions are false and absurd. There is no room for ambiguity in Islam. Give your clear-cut view on the issue asked in paper but do not forget to support your answer with effective arguments, references and examples. The examiner is more concerned with your argumentation and explanation. You should, apart from basic concepts of Islam, focus on contemporary problems faced by Muslim Ummah.

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