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Jahangir’s World Times is the only magazine that caters for the needs of the candidates of the prestigious competitive exams including CSS, PMS and PCS.

Candidates often face difficulties in selection of subjects, choosing the right books, preparing for the interviews and so on. JWT’s CSS GURU is an initiative to provide the guidance candidates may need at any stage. Our guru will answer all your queries. If you want to ask something and need guidance, please write to us or email at the following address:

Dear CSS Guru,
I am willing to appear in CSS 2014 exam and want to take geography and psychology as optional subjects. Please guide me that how much time is sufficient for their preparation. I also want to know about essay paper that should I do general study or prefer some particular book.
Naveed Abbasi

Geography and Psychology make an excellent combination. Being science subjects, candidates usually secure higher scores in these subjects every year. Moreover, these very subjects also help in preparation of EDS. One month should be enough for these two subjects if you can spare 8-10 hours a day. I would suggest you the following books:
Introduction to Psychology by Morgan & King and Abnormal Psychology by Neil Davisson
Physical Geography:
Physical Geography of Human Environment by H. De Blij and Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Chen Long
Economic, Regional and Human Geography:
Comprehensive Geography by M. Jahangir Sanpal, Economic Geography by Fazal Karim Khan and Oxford Geography for Pakistan by Fazal Karim Khan

Dear Guru,
I want to seek guidance on the matter of books for Pakistan Affairs paper. Please recommend me some good books.
Azhar Ali

Pakistan Affairs by M. Ikram Rabbani has been the favourite book for beginners. Pakistan Affairs: A Discourse on Past and Present by Dr Usmani is another very helpful book. I n addition, you may consult ‘Trek to Pakistan’ by Ahmad Saeed, Pakistan, the Formative Phase by K. B. Saeed and Making of Pakistan by K. K. Aziz

CSS-2013 papers were altogether different from the prevailing pattern. In wake of this change, what strategy would you advise?
Salman Hamid

I would advise you to adjust your study plans accordingly. You should focus on a topic as a whole rather than question-answer format. Study every aspect possible and prepare comprehensive study notes for each subject. Give special attention to a critical appraisal of the topic. Moreover, focus on currency of the issue and any controversies related to it. In the examination, try to answer directly rather than getting entangled in background or history.

CSS Guru,
I want to know that journalism is no more a scoring subject or it still yields good score? Please also suggest some good books for Everyday Science.

Journalism is still scoring for ones doing justice to this subject. Every year, we see scores in excess of 70 in this subject. However, the days are gone when cramming four topics on last night was sufficient to score good in this subject. You need to prepare well for each section and quote examples from current media in each question.

For EDS, a very good book written by Mian Shafiq has recently been published by JBD Press. Traditionally, books by M. Akram Kashmiri and Rab Nawaz Samo have been popular in CSS aspirants.

Dear Guru,
You might be aware of the recent scandal where some candidates from Faisalabad changed their answer sheets. Please let me know that is the CSS exam going to be held afresh?

Yes dear. It was very disappointing to note as it frustrated many who still believed in meritocracy in Pakistan. However, a retake of the whole exam nationwide seems unlikely as the scam involved only one centre and, as reported, only one bundle got disappeared from post office. The matter is being investigated by the FIA and some very competent and honest officers are tasked with this inquiry. Let’s hope that FIA apprehends the culprits and credibility of FPSC is restored.

Dear Sir,
I have done M. Com from Punjab University. Should I take Accounting as optional subject? Will it be scoring?

Accounting and Auditing are the subjects in whom candidates having commerce background secure high marks. Go through the syllabus as well as past papers of 5 years. If you can handle it, then go for it. It is time-consuming but rewarding as well.

Dear Guru,
I have done MA Economics recently and now I want to appear in CSS examination. Please advise me that what subjects should I take as optional? And also guide how much time should I devote to studies daily?

Dear Economist,
You should, preferably, yourself select optional subjects after perusal of syllabi and past papers. Generally, even the candidates with background of economics prefer to avoid Economics in CSS. Candidates opt from subjects like Geography, Agriculture, Forestry, British History, Sociology, etc. You may choose your combination from these subjects.

Dear Guru,
What is the scope of Agriculture in the upcoming CSS exam?

Scope of Agriculture like any other subject is good for those who can do justice to the preparation. Book written by Akhtar Abbas is good one. Also consult the latest Economic Survey of Pakistan for statistics related to Agriculture. Your special focus should be on issues related to agriculture in Pakistan. You should consult Monday’s special edition of DAWN for current issues of agriculture.

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