Synonyms and Antonyms

1. Abandon:(v) We had to abandon the car and walk the rest of the way.

SYN: forsake, leave, give up, relinquish
ANT: retain, stay with

2.    Abase:(v) Don’t abase yourself before your boss.
SYN: humiliate, disgrace, bring down, humble
ANT: exalt, uplift, honour

3.    Abash:(v) He said nothing but looked abashed.
 SYN: confuse, feel or made to feel ashamed, confound
ANT: encourage, cheer to

4.    Abate:(v) The industry should use the best practicable methods to abate pollution.
SYN: lessen, reduce, diminish, decline
ANT: raise, increase, rise, augment

5.    Abet:(v) His clerk had aided and abetted him in the fraud.
SYN: help, assist, encourage
 ANT: discourage, hinder, block

6.    Abhor:(v) I abhor all forms of terrorism.
 SYN: dislike, detest, hate
ANT: approve, like

7.    Abject:(adj) Abject poverty prevails in Pakistan.
SYN: degraded, mean, groveling, wretched or miserable
ANT: proud, independent

8.    Abnormal: (adj) His abnormal behavior surprised us all.
SYN:unusual, irregular, unnatural
ANT: normal, usual, regular

9.    Abjure:(v) The government had to abjure such a disreputable way of proceeding.
SYN: disclaim, forswear, repudiate, disavow
ANT: accept, claim, avow

10.    Aboriginal:(adj) Australian aboriginals are almost non-existent now.
 SYN: native, indigenous
ANT: immigrant, imported

1.    Abortive:(adj) The government made an abortive attempt to reform local government.
SYN: futile, unsuccessful, fruitless, miscarriage of birth
 ANT: successful, effective, well-timed

2.    Abridge:(v) The abridged edition of this novel was published in 2008.
 SYN: condense summarized shorten curtail
ANT: expand, extend, enlarge

3.    Abrupt:(adj) The bus came to an abrupt halt.
SYN: sudden, steep, hasty
ANT: gentle, gently, sloping

4.    Abscond:(v) He has absconded with the money.
SYN: decamp, run away, go away secretly
ANT: remain, stay, live in

5.    Absolve:(v) The court absolved him from all blame for the accident.
SYN: acquit, release, pardon, set free from guilt
ANT: condemn, sentence

6.    Abstain:(v) He took a vow to abstain from smoking
SYN: refrain, desist, forbear
ANT: continue, permit

7.    Abstruse:(adj) This is an abstruce philosophical essay.
SYN: hidden, obscure, deep
ANT: simple, open, revealed

8.    Abundant:(adj) Heap consumer goods are abundant in this country
SYN: ample, plentiful, rich, exuberant
ANT: meager, inadequate, poor, insufficient

9.    Abuse:(v) He abused the trust I placed in him
SYN: injure, maltreat, revile, upbraid
ANT: praise, use well

10.    Accede:(v) He graciously acceded to our request
SYN: consent, assent, comply
ANT: refuse, resign, quit

1.    Accelerate:(v) Seeing the police, he accelerated the speed of the car.
SYN: hasten, expedite, quicken
ANT: retard, hinder, reduce speed

2.    Accession:(n) Akbar was a teen-ager at the time of his accession to the throne.
SYN: addition, enlargement, extension
ANT: diminution, loss

3.    Accommodate:(v) This school cannot accommodate so many children.
SYN: suit, reconcile, oblige
ANT: refuse, disoblige

4.    Accomplish:(v) If we all work together, we can accomplish our goal.
SYN: finish, fulfill, execute, achieve
ANT: fail, leave undone

5.    Accord:(n) He married Jameela of his own accord.
SYN: agreement, harmony, willingness
ANT: discord, disagreement, unwillingness

6.    Accredited:(adj) This degree programme is fully accredited by the university.
SYN: authorized, entrusted, delegated
ANT: discredited, unauthorized

7.    Accumulate:(v) Our leaders wish to accumulate more and more wealth.
SYN: collect, pile up, store
ANT: squander, waste, distribute

8.    Acquaintance:(n) I have only a nodding acquaintance with her
SYN: knowledge, cognizance
ANT: ignorance, unfamiliar

9.    Acute:(adj) He is suffering from acute malaria
SYN: sharp, penetrating
ANT: dull, blunt

10.    Addicted:(adj) All his sons are addicted to gambling.
SYN: devoted, accustomed to
ANT: unaddicted, free

1.    Adept:(adj) With the passage of time, she became an adept singer
SYN: Skilful, expert
ANT: clumsy, not expert/ inexpert

2.    Adhere:(v) All his life, he has adhered to certain principles.
SYN: stick, abide by, cling
ANT: break from, come undone

3.    Adjacent: The fire started in the building adjacent to the library.
SYN: close, near, contiguous
ANT: remote, distant, far away

4.    Adjourn:(v) The meeting was adjourned because of inclement weather.
SYN: postpone, defer, delay, put off, suspend
ANT: advance, hurry on schedule

5.    Adoration:(n) She was known in the family for her complete adoration of her husband
SYN: worship, reverence, beautify
ANT: irreverence, contempt, disfiguring, marring

6.    Affinity:(n) There are several close affinities between the two paintings.
SYN: alliance, liking, sympathy, attraction
ANT: dislike, discord, antipathy, repulsion, repugnance

7.    Aggravate:(v) The treatment only aggravated the condition.
SYN: intensify, make worse
ANT: diminish, reduce, please, satisfy

8.    Alienate:(v) His wanton ways have alienated him from his family.
  SYN: estrange, transfer, desolation
ANT: reconcile, recover

9.    Alienation:(n) Depressed people frequently feel a sense of alienation from those around them.
SYN: desolation, disaffection
ANT: allegiance, camaraderie, companionship, fellowship

10.    Allegiance:(n) Students pledged allegiance to the national flag on the Independence Day.
SYN: loyalty, fidelity, fealty
ANT: disloyalty, treachery, disaffection, rebellion


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